Minami (may) Tama

Kids, this is why you shouldn’t play video games when riding trains.

And why cassis-orange intake should be limited to one glass during weekdays.

Yep, missed my stop because I was too busy playing games on my iPhone. This is the first time it ever happened to me. Okay, so it happened to Tin and I on our great Shinjuku adventure but that was a weekend.

I was actually able to catch an earlier train today; by earlier I mean 11:05 instead of my usual 11:17. It was quite full, as is always the case, and beside me was this really really drunk guy. Now drunk people are a very usual sight on late night trains; however they’re usually well-behaved. I mean, sure sometimes they just start talking or shouting, but even so they generally keep to themselves. This huge creature, however, is different – he started talking to me. Or attempted to talk to me. Or just plain muttered things while facing me but at any rate I got so scared so I just whipped out my iPhone and started playing games so I would have something to keep my eyes on. When he started hovering over me trying to see what I was looking at I moved to a different section of the train.

So I continued playing and at one point I glanced outside to see where I was. Two stations to go. Great, I can play one more level. And then all of a sudden: “Tsugi wa Minami-Tama… Minami-Tama desu.”

Oh shit.

So I got off Minami-Tama and figured well, it’s still early and I can still catch the train going back to my stop. Which is a perfectly good plan except that I had to wait in a completely empty station for more than fifteen minutes.

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