Hi, my name is ella, and I’m a shopaholic

I know, I know, it’s a disorder.

But in my defense, I never spend beyond my means – I don’t have credit card debt, nor am I behind on my payments, and I am on forced savings courtesy of my mother (she is a banker so I let her take care of it). It’s just that I don’t see the point of watching my money accumulate while staring longingly at wonderful gorgeous things.

Anyway, the point is, I did some shopping this weekend yet again. I was actually on the hunt for shades for our Hokkaido trip next week. My current pair is one of them super cheap sunglasses, and when I wear them I still have to squint. I also get tiny bumps on my nose. How annoying is that. So I decided I’ve had enough of disposable ones and I should invest on a nice pair for a change. I must’ve tried on a hundred pairs or so – some I could afford, some way beyond my reach. But see, the thing with buying expensive brand-name shades is that you expect them to be the last pair of sunglasses you will ever need. If I’m parting with 50 grand for a pair of Chanel shades they should damn well be perfect. So after two days of scouring (I almost bought a pair from Coach and also a Prada one out of desperation) I gave up. Designer shades are not for me.

But lookie what I found a few minutes later:

Pretty pretty pretty! And not too expensive. The only downside is you had to buy the hard case separately, and it costs about half the price of the sunglasses which is ridiculous. Anyway, I was too happy to mind.

Now on to the rest of the stuff.

The original Canon case for my SX200 is really really fugly, and all the pretty camera cases these days are for the slim type ones, so imagine my joy when I found this. It’s Tokidoki for Hello Kitty which was released a year or two ago but I was able to find one and I laveeet so much I kinda don’t want to use it for the camera because it’s too pretty.

And then I got a baby RooTote because I’m always rummaging through my bag searching for stuff so I thought maybe this would help.

It’s really time to buy bottoms because all my jeans are frayed to death. The two shorts are from GAP. This is totally Tin’s fault because she has a one-time only 20% discount on everything so we tried to make the most our of it. And then I got bell-bottoms from Levi’s. They don’t make bell-bottoms anymore which is a shame – if worn with heels they can make you look ten feet tall (if the pants reach down to the bottom of the heels; if not then they make you look shorter). They’re not the same as bootcut jeans because they’re really fitted up to the knee after which they flare out whereas bootcut jeans tend to be a bit more loose and less flared. Anyway, the point is, I almost bought this particular pair back when it was on sale for 30% off but I passed since I found it still too expensive. But now, it’s 90% off so it’s just too ridiculous to pass up. And I had them shortened by an inch and a half (the inseam was 33 inches and I’m just not that long-legged okay) so I had to wait for 50 minutes in the outlet park but I wasn’t allowed to buy anything more because I was already overbudget so it’s a bit of a torture.

And that’s that. Well I also got two flats and a dress shirt but I’m too tired to take pictures. But this weekend’s haul was pretty great. ^^

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