So this weekend I accomplished absolutely nothing. The entire day yesterday I was YouTube-ing, and then we went to the fireworks festival which was stressful to say the least.

This morning I did get a bit of de-cluttering done. I really really wanted to buy a new Muji drawer for organizing my stuff but it’s just not practical at this point. So I ended up with this:

I figured since I had a shitload of shoe boxes in here I might as well put them to good use. Apparently you never outgrow craft projects.

So anyway, in celebration I headed off to Shinjuku, as always.

I got so incredibly dark over the past couple of months and my current foundation shade no longer cuts it so I got a new Mineralized Skinfinish, this time in Medium Plus. I actually got colormatched this time (usually I just pick out what I “feel” is the right shade), and the make-up artist and I both agreed that this was the best one. And I also got MAC wipes for when I’m feeling lazy. I would get the Body Shop ones as per Anj’s recommendation but they’re not sold individually (you had to buy a set with a bottle of body wash which I do not care for) which is annoying.

I really wanted to pick out a new perfume and I spent quite some time sniffing a couple of candidates but Lanvin Eclat d’Arpege still takes the cake so I thought what the hell, I’ll just get a second bottle of this one because it smells really really good sans the headache.

Oh, and then, on the way out of Subnade where PDC (the perfume shop) was I passed by this store called HeartDance and it has all these pretty pretty dainty earrings and necklaces and rings and oh my God my EQ just dropped to the depths of Hades. But I was able to recover and I left with just these:

And that’s that. Now it’s Monday again. Howell.

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