Word on the street is it has been raining like crazy in Manila the entire day today. I wouldn't know because I've been holed up in the office working. On. A. Saturday. To be fair it's an official working day to make up for the five-day weekend. That doesn't make it any less painful, though.

I'm worried about the state of our ghetto apartment. Especially my room. When it rains outside, it also rains inside my room, because it's cool like that. Everything is probably soaked. I'm hoping the apartment itself isn't flooded, but it seems like half of Metro Manila is submerged right now. And I'm praying that my sister and cousins are still sane. And that maybe the flood has managed to exterminate Squeakerz the giant rat that always greets us when we enter the gate (it was so huge that Armin mistook it for a rabbit - and then he remembered he was in the Philippines).

I've never really experienced heavy flooding in Metro Manila - I mean, the streets are practically underwater after ten minutes of rain but the water never reaches the inside of the buildings. In the province it's a bit more usual, but for some reason our house never gets flooded. My grandmother's house, however, is an entirely different story - her basement is totally submerged and the water is maybe waist-deep on the first floor and when we were kids we would "set sail" in huge basins. Of course back then it seems like fun because we did not have to worry about having to clean up whatever the dark murky water manages to leave behind.

Anyway, I hope everyone is safe and warm and dry.


  1. grabe mommy, nilakad ko mula UP hanggang lrt katips! super baha. horrors.:(

  2. oh noes!!! scary :(
    bakit lagi ka na lang may life lessons?

  3. oo nga e. huhu. nakakatakot talaga bilang di pa naman ako sanay lumangoy! hehe

  4. bilang.. eyeloveit!

    kmusta nmn ang kapaahan mo chelo?

  5. haha maymay, bilang ganon talaga. hehe. naligo ako ng alcohol. nakakaloka tlaga inaanod ako e.