The EQ has left the building

No more shopping until my birthday. I promise. It's gotten a wee bit out of control. Having said that, I may have drained the shopping budget for two months but I'm happy as a clam.

I woke up really really late today so I wasn't able to get out of the house until 4 in the afternoon. I went to Minami-O in the hopes of scoring another discounted pair of Levi's (since I got my last pair my other jeans haven't seen any action at all), but I didn't find any pair I particularly liked that came in my size so that's kind of a failure. And then I visited Coach just to... look around, nothing more, and was shocked to see that their clearance bin and heavily discounted bags are all gone, which kinda justified this purchase. Now is actually not a good time to visit the outlet parks because fall is coming and they're bringing out the trench coats and I shouldn't really be buying any more coats since I'm about to go home but I just naturally gravitate towards trenches so it's quite dangerous.

Anyhoo, long story short.

This bag is just so incredibly gay but for some reason I really really like it so I thought what the hell. It's big enough to use for the office and it has a shoulder strap which is always a good thing. In retrospect I might have been influenced by my looklet. It looks kinda washed out in the photo but it's a really really deep purple. And it's 50% off which is always my excuse hehehehe.

And then, this is when all the EQ flew out the window, I went to this shop that sold Louboutins and Manolos and Christian Lacroix. And I really was just looking around to see if my heart would really stop when I see Manolo Blahnik shoes (they didn't, but to be fair there were only three pairs), but then I found this girl trying on these shoes in black and purple and I just found them really really pretty, so I tried looking for them to see if I could, ehem, afford them but I can't find them anywhere so I had to wait for her to decide she didn't like them and return them to the shelf. They're by Sonia Rykiel and were going for 50% off and they weren't exactly pricey but they weren't cheap either but I just couldn't leave without them so...

The heel is cylindrical which I found cute, and it's surprisingly comfy, no kidding. Of course I haven't walked around the entire day in them.

I have no idea when I would get to wear them, but I'm sure I'll find some good excuse. In the meantime, here is more shoe porn.


  1. i dont see the purple in those shoes.. pero like ko :)

  2. you don't see the purple because there is no purple hehehehe. the shoes come in two colors and the girl was trying on both. ^^