EQ Meltdown

So today I went to Akihabara and...

Me + DSLR = total poser!

Me: Anong gagawin niyo pag bumili ako ng Mark 7d?
Them: Di ka na namin isasama sa kahit anong lakad namin.

This weekend's shopping is rather bleak, to say the least. I mean look what I got:

Lens cleaning paper which cost me 50 JPY. The fare to Akihabara and back is almost twenty times that. Sheesh. But I did find nice things, like iPhone stuff (a speaker slash dock and yet another case, among other things) and a really really nice stapler (I know it's weird but I really can't find decent staplers in the Philippines and the one they have in Yodobashi can staple together what seems to be a hundred pages of paper with minimum effort, I am not kidding). Found, but did not purchase because I'm still reeling over last week's purchase. And also because I'm planning to purchase the Studio Sculpt foundation from MAC which will be launched here on Thursday. They were on display already and I swatched a couple and much to my shock I think I'm already an NC42. Either the shades run lighter or I've totally scorched my skin over the summer.

In other news, this year's recently concluded UAAP Cheerdance Competition was full of surprises, and with that comes tons and tons of drama. I guess it's unavoidable on such events because you don't have a definitive scoring system so at the end of the day people can still bicker on and on about who deserves to win. Anyway other people's bitterness aside, props to the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion for finally making it to the top 3. You have no idea how wonderful it is to see our cheering squad perform an actual cheerdance routine instead of... squat-thrusts? And the moonwalk is love!

Anyway, time to hit the sack. It's been a long tiring day and there is no shopping to relieve me of the stress.

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