Here we go again

To be perfectly honest, I actually thought I wouldn't get any shopping done this weekend. Of course I couldn't be more wrong.

See, my apartment has been a real dump the past few weeks. I am not kidding. Normally I'd get a bit of tidying up on weekdays and on weekends I'll do my laundry and ironing and hoovering. But lately I've been such a slob so things started piling up and it's now kinda disgusting. So this morning I decided that unless I clean the apartment, there will be no shopping for me. How's that for motivation?

Long story short, I managed to finish cleaning the entire apartment in four hours. It was terrible; my sink has this plastic strainer thing so debris won't go directly to the pipes and I had to clean it up. I normally have a strong stomach but little itty bits and pieces of food in water just makes me gag. It's the worst worst chore ever. Anyway I did finish way ahead of schedule and even managed to cook lunch.

So I was off to the nearest outlet park (Mitsui Outlet Park in Minami-O) with the intention of buying shoes for my two brothers which was a failure. I found a couple of nice pairs (at least to me they looked nice) but they were very specific with what they wanted - Nike Free 7.0 - and I couldn't find those.

Levi's is still having this crazy crazy 80% off sale on their ridiculously overpriced jeans and they seem to be adding more styles every week. Of course most of them are in anorexic sizes (seriously, who wears a size 22?) but I found a really nice pair in my size. It's too bad there's only one in stock; I would've wanted two - one for heels, and another for sneakers. The original price for this pair is insane - 15k yen - but it was going for less than 3k and they even waived the alteration fee so there's no way I was going to pass that up.

Since I had my jeans altered I had to wait for 30 minutes so I looked at a couple of shops but didn't really find anything I liked. The red Lacoste bag that I have been looking at for about a year now is still stuck at 40% off (I'm waiting for it to go for at least 70% off before I buy hehehe) which is annoying. Anyway after half an hour and then some I went back to Levi's to claim my jeans but they weren't ready yet which was a surprise. So I headed off to Coach. Oh man.

Will it help if I say it came with a huge huge discount? I'm guessing no but anyway, I really really likey. I'm not really too fond of monograms so I'm really glad I found this hiding in one corner of the store. Although admittedly it looks a bit too "grown-up" for me hahaha. But I really do like it - I'm a sucker for chunky hardware and the size is perfect (I have too many oversized bags and it's time for some normalcy). When I reached the counter the lady there spoke to me in really rapid Japanese which I took to mean "hello dear customer we would like to remind you that there are no returns or exchanges for sale items so should you regret this purchase after you walk out of the store then that's your problem and your problem alone." Anyway I just nodded and paid for it (and almost bought an overpriced Coach keychain just because) and left the store with a silly smile plastered on my face. No actually I was biting my nails while waiting for the train. Major purchases are stressful.

After the tragedy in the outlet park I headed off to Shinjuku with every intention to buy the Studio Sculpt foundation from MAC because I thought it would be released today but apparently I thought wrong, so I ended up buying cK foundation. Yes, cK as in Calvin Klein.

I still think Kate is the best liquid foundation there is but their darkest shade is now too light on me, no thanks to the unrelenting heat.

I also dropped by Lush so I can use my discount. I ended up buying "Big" shampoo (which is a bit stupid considering I hated the other two haircare products I purcased from them) and this new soap which smells like mint chocolate chip.

The shampoo looks kinda weird, and apparently it contains sea salt, but it should be interesting. And supposedly it gives volume, hence the name.

I'm not sure what this soap is called since the only thing I can read in the label is "time" and the rest is all kanji. It smells wonderful at first whiff but I've had it beside me for a long time now and it's starting to make me nauseous so I'm not sure if I would recommend it.

Now unlike our kiss-ass president, Japan's prime minister doesn't make a habit of declaring holidays when people die, so I have to go to work tomorrow. I leave you with a couple more pictures of my last bag purchase in Tokyo (yeah right).

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