My New Baby, and then some

I just had the most terrible work week ever. I know I say it all the time, but seriously last week was the worst. It was stressful and frustrating and just... stressful.

But the universe still loves me because I got this when I got home Friday, and it was delivered the next morning. I was so happy I was literally skipping when the package arrived.

It's my biggest biggest online purchase to date, and I actually got a bit scared that I might've been a wee bit too reckless (like if it turned out to be some shady website that's quite a lot of money down the drain). But anyway, here it is and it's the prettiest thing ever.

It's a Clarisonic Mia in pink!!! If you buy the pink one some proceeds go to the fight against breast cancer which is always a good thing. I got it from Skin-etc because it was cheapest there and shipping is super fast - I got it in less than a week after I placed my order which is impressive. I initially wanted the original Clarisonic (which also comes in pink) but it's way more expensive and the charging cradle is not autovolt which is kinda annoying. Like most chargers support 100V-240V so I don't see why it should be any different. Anyway, the Mia is supposedly for travel so it'd pretty much charge anywhere. And it's lighter too. It doesn't beep, though. The original Clarisonic beeps to tell you to move on to another part of the face which I always thought was kinda neat.

Now I have used it only twice so I can't say if it's any good - for skincare stuff you'd really have to give it a couple of weeks to really see results - but I've been loving it so much that I have to stop myself from washing my face more often than is necessary.

One tiny tiny beef though - it takes so long to charge! Apparently you have to charge it for 18 hours to get 20 minutes of use which is kinda disproportionate, don't you think? I'm guessing it's because of the magnetic charging system - the charger attaches to the handle magnetically and there are no metallic pads whatsoever in both the handle and the charger. I'm actually kinda wondering how any electricity is transferred at all (the handle is completely waterproof so no conductors anywhere). But anyway, it's no biggie.

So after I got my package I headed off to Shinjuku because MAC Studio Sculpt was released last Thursday and I've been dying to try it since then but I couldn't because I had to work. I didn't get too much shopping done because I kinda felt queasy after so I had to go home but I'm probably going back tomorrow (I have a 5-day weekend!!!). Anyway, here's the initial damage:

I don't want another foundation disaster (you know, when you get the wrong shade of not-so-cheap foundation), so I got colormatched. When I did swatches I thought I was an NC47 but when I told the make-up artist I wanted to get colormatched she grabbed NC25 and NC30, which tells you that you should never ever ever rely on swatches made on the back of your hand to get the correct shade. She tried NC25 at first but it was "chotto" light, and then when she swiped NC30 we both nodded in agreement because it was perfect (we nodded because we can't really, you know, converse).

So far I've only tried applying it with my Beauty Blender and it's perfect. To tell you the truth I haven't touched any of my brushes ever since I got my hands on that pretty pink egg-shaped sponge - it applies liquid (and even powder) foundation perfectly and it's really really easy to use.

On the way back to the train station I passed by Lumine because I had to use the bathroom (which was really really pretty) and there it was - a newly-opened MAC free-standing store. It's the first MAC free-standing store I've seen; all the rest were counters in department stores. I don't know when it opened but I'm guessing it's new because all of the testers have barely a dent on them and some haven't even been swiped yet, and that is never ever the case with any MAC counter. It's not a pro store, though, so I still can't get my Azalea blush. Now at this point I've been to a couple of drugstores looking for an eye cream but I couldn't find any and I've decided to just get the MAC one but I was too tired to go back to my usual MAC counter because it's a bit far. But since I've stumbled upon yet another MAC store I decided to get the Fast Response Eye Cream there together with my fourth MAC member's card. I still like the one in Isetan though, just because the people there seem more friendly.

And then I dropped by this store called Plaza which sells all sorts of stuff - makeup, clothes, food, stationary, UGGs, you name it. I almost bought a label-maker just because it was nostalgic and all (my mom never let me use our label maker back at home) but I realized I have nothing at all to label but we'll see. It might be handy for when I'm packing. Anyway I just got random stuff - velour puffs (there's this makeup artist in YouTube and he recommended using velour puffs for MSFs and it's actually really good), a Goody detangling comb, and a Rosebud lip balm because my Carmex click stick is getting kinda filthy (does anyone really ever finish an entire stick of lip balm before it turns disgusting?). The original Rosebud salve works better, but it tastes like Vietnamese Pho noodles, no kidding.

Anyway, I've been rambling. Today I cleaned up my entire apartment and did my laundry and all, so I should be free to do as I please for the next couple of days, and I'll be damned if I don't get to squeeze in some shopping.

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