Pepper Lunch and Cherry Culture

So first of all, Pepper Lunch is now open. Although the one near our office was empty when we went there for lunch. Well not completely empty; our officemates were there too. What E. coli? Filipinos have tougher stomachs than that. To be fair, the plates were extra hot today.
Anyway, two nights ago I got my "Undeliverable Item Notice" which is this slip of paper from the post office that you get when they attempt to deliver something and you're not home to receive it. Since today is Happy Wednesday I scheduled the delivery for tonight. The delivery person was half an hour too early but thankfully I was able to catch him while he was about to leave the building (he just confirmed my room number and gave me the package, no questions asked).
I ordered a couple of things from Cherry Culture in a fit of low-EQ-ness. I just really wanted to try the Beauty Blender and this was the only website I could find that would allow me to ship to Japan even if my credit card's billing address is in the Philippines. No way in hell would I have something shipped to the Philippines because our postal system is, well, Third World.

I originally wanted the 2 Beauty Blenders + Cleanser kit but they didn't have that so I got the Beauty Blender + Cleanser kit. And being the crazy excited person I am I already tried it out tonight and it didn't disappoint; I am almost regretting buying my other brushes because this is so much better.

I also got a couple of NYX stuff because I've been wanting to get my hands on these but they're just so expensive here in Japan it's crazy. I got two of the cream blushes in Red Cheeks and Glow and I've swatched them and they're quite pretty, but I'll reserve my judgment for later. But this is what they look like up close and personal:

Anyway, I still have two crazy work days to power through. Wish me luck.

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  1. ooooh!!! i also want to buy stuff from nyx, though hindi ko alam saan.