Shopping Ban Ground Rules

First of all, I just found out that the flood water did not get into our apartment in Manila which is nothing short of a miracle. I was so worried because I saw horrible pictures of heavy flooding in the Katipunan area. Thank you, thank you, universe.

Anyway, on to the shopping ban. As I mentioned before, there will be no more shopping until my birthday. I've just been really stressed the past few weeks, and low-EQ-ness has gone a little bit too far. Among other things, I got a Coach bag, a Clarisonic, and Sonia Rykiel boots in the span of three weeks. So I have to take a breather.

However, there will of course be some exceptions. Among other things, the shopping ban does not include food, buying stuff for other people, and stuff that I've ran out of and cannot be replaced with something already in my stash. For example, I've just hit pan on my moisturizer, so I have to buy a replacement. But say, if I ever hit pan on one of my blushes (which is not happening anytime within the next ten years), I can just move on to other blushes so I am not allowed to buy another blush.

Oh, and one more exception. Since we've recently purchased the Grutt pass which is essentially a free pass to most Tokyo museums and galleries for two months, souvenirs are also an exception. And I'm saying that because I just bought a mug from Tokyo Sea Life aquarium because it has a hammerhead on it and I just fell in love with the hammerhead sharks.

And it does not help that the hammerhead shark is pink. (Pictures of the aquarium are here)

Anyway, that's that.
I am now off to shop for other people. ^^

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