So today was a typical day - reported to work, went through the usual tasks, proceeded to the mothership office to attend a meeting, and went home when all is done.

And then I fell down the stairs. Not high enough for me to seriously injure myself, but not low enough to leave me with a wee bit of dignity. Even the stranger kuya who happened to pass by asked me "Daijobu desu ka?" (Are you retarded OK?). I don't think I have to tell you how mortifying it was, but hey, this has nothing on me getting wiped out in front of an elevator full of people. And the sad thing is, the first thought that came to mind was if I fell from a higher portion of the stairs were I would've finally gotten that one day off I have been praying for.

And then as I was walking ever so slowly from the train station I tripped. I guess my legs are welcoming "fall" a wee bit too literally.

And now I just woke up from having narcolepsied on the carpet.

Tired is an understatement.

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