Food Glorious Food

So this shopping ban is terrible for my diet.

Let's backtrack to last week when I can still happily shop my stress away. I was starving and too lazy to go to the grocery to buy food, so I had to make do with whatever I could find in my kitchen, which happened to be broccoli. And corned beef.

It's surprisingly good. Anyway, after that my fridge was empty. And since groceries were the only thing I could shop for, I stocked up. And maybe got a little carried away because I came home yesterday with two packs of chicken only to find I have two more packs in my fridge. Oh, and I also got this:

I would've bought the smaller one, but this is more than thrice the product for twice the price so I figured since I'm not overspending on other stuff anyway...

Anyway, so yesterday I had a lot of time and was feeling adventurous so I thought I would try something new - spicy chicken dumplings. I got the recipe from Chef Caffy. It was a bit of a disaster at first because I didn't add enough flour but I think it turned out pretty well but my dumplings were huge and elliptical rather than cute and round.

I know it doesn't look too appetizing but it's actually good. And the recipe is quite easy to follow. Although the onions do stink up the entire apartment but as per the recipe, boiling a pot of coffee for an hour is enough to deodorize it.

And then for dinner I decided to go safe (but obviously I still had too much time on my hands).

Tuna pasta, real tiny spicy chicken drumsticks, and rosemary potatoes. All with a healthy does of cayenne pepper, which I have now run out of.

Oh, and one last thing.

Cassis-soda. Mmmmmm.


I bought this yesterday and it was only when I got home that I read the label. ^^

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