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I love you Steve Jobs

22 October 2009
I knew it I knew it I knew it!!!

The new white Macbook is here, just in time for my birthday. I have never been this giddy for a looooooong long time. Thank you thank you Apple.

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  1. what's the difference vs mac book pro?

  2. what will you do to the old mac?

    hey do a review of the new mac nmn, i'm thinking if i should buy one. :)

  3. @miko: mbp is aluminum, mb is polycarbonate. and the pro has an sd card slot and firewire.
    tech specs, pareho lang pati graphics card. and lugi nga yung pro kasi mas malaki hard drive nung macbook. ang hula ko i-u-upgrade yung pro soon.

  4. @anj: madami ako nakapilang kapatid hehehehe.
    i'm planning to get it on my birthday, so i'll let you know then :p

  5. gusto ko din bumili nung new mac! tapos upgrade to 500GB and yung 4GB RAM. hehehe magkano dyan? it's about USD 1600 with that specs.

  6. @dots, i haven't checked yet, pero i think apple prices here are same as US prices. the standard white macbook is 98800 JPY, 999 USD.

    to be honest i don't think the additional 2Gb RAM would be worth it; usually in laptops the bottleneck is already the hard drive speed so it wouldn't be so helpful.

  7. sa admu meron discounted mac book, and mac book pro :) just not sure if the mac book they have is the latest one, check ko sa reg period

  8. ah same lang ng price nga. well, i still want the 500gb hard drive. haha


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