It's the Little Things

One of the millions of things I like about Japan is how everything seems to be well thought of - ketchup packets you can open with one hand (because the other hand is holding the hotdog), packs of gum that come with strips of paper for when you have to dispose of them, down to the tiny sticker at the bottom of shrink-wrapped package for easy opening (because all it takes is a little tear in the shrink-wrap and then it will be a breeze to open). As my office mate would say, here in Japan if you have any difficulty doing something, you're probably doing it wrong.

It's also one of the million things I like about Apple. My MacBook's power cable attaches magnetically so that it will just pop off when someone happens to trip on it instead of bringing the entire machine down with it. And the trackpad allows you to scroll down by using two fingers simultaneously *anywhere* in the trackpad area. Some people think this is no big deal, but I think this is akin to the roller ball in the middle of the mouse - once you've tried it you just can't go back to the plain old mouse with just two buttons anymore. Now when I use other laptops I find that it annoys me that I have to move my finger to the side to be able to scroll up or down. My Time Capsule, upon boot-up, will try to contact an Apple machine within range so that the latter can set it up (although I must say, this caused a bit of a problem for me as there are a couple of Apple users in the building and my Time Capsule contacted all of them).

Apple's biggest failure, or so I thought, was the iPhone. Well actually I think QuickTime is a grand failure too but I digress. It seemed like they didn't understand phones. But after the iPhone 3.0 SW upgrade (which I got for free, much love to Globe), my iPhone started behaving like a normal phone would - I can delete individual text messages, cut and paste, and hey, I can even type vertically. And now I feel that Apple is slowly starting to fix those tiny little quirks on the system that annoy you but are not enough to make you switch to a different machine altogether. Because look at what I saw when I opened iTunes today (this has been updated for maybe a week now but things were just so crazy last week that I never even got a chance to explore it).

I can now arrange my iPhone applications on my Mac. It's not something major but if you have 6 pages of applications to organize it's highly convenient. So now it's one page of basic applications, one page of non-game applications, one page of time-management and tower defense games, and one page of tilt-tilt games (e.g. games you should never ever play on the train), and another page of things I cannot categorize but I want to keep in my phone.

Anyway, my apologies for the long, senseless ramble. Nothing to do. Can't shop, you see.

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