Laser Squadron

Fall is here and with it comes H1N1. An officemate happened to catch it and now we all have to wear a mask in the office while working.

Now I don't hate masks entirely; as an officemate has discovered it's extremely useful to cover up pimples, it saves me time in the morning because the only makeup I have to put on is mascara because it's the only thing that is going to be visible, and during the winter it's nice to wear because it keeps the face warm.

Having said that these face masks are going to be the end of me. I swear I'm thisclose to death from asphyxiation. I know they're supposed to keep the flu virus away, but they do that by keeping everything away - and that includes oxygen. I don't know how everyone else manages, but to me it's pure torture. I have resorted to removing the mask every two minutes just so I can resume breathing which kinda defeats the purpose. And inside the mask it's just so hot and humid and my face just gets so oily and sweaty and disgusting (to quote David, after removing the masks before leaving the office: "i-alcogel niyo yung mukha niyo!"). And did I mention I can't breathe? And that it's very very very warm in the office which doesn't help at all? I didn't realize how stressful it was for me until I got home today completely exhausted despite the fact that it's a Happy Wednesday and work wasn't all that hectic (it's one of them rare mellow days). Anyway, just two more days to power through this whole situation and hopefully everyone can breathe normally again.

On the lighter side of things, it is kinda funny looking around and seeing everyone wearing masks.

Aura power na lang ang kulang.

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