Melor Day

Supertyphoon Melor is in the house. But no supertyphoon is strong enough to suspend work in this country. So this morning, expecting train delays, I woke up a tad bit earlier.

Interestingly enough, there is no rain. The sun is even shining. The wind is crazy though. Anyway, so I got on the 8:19 train, which came on time. It did not leave on time though. Actually it never left the station. It might still be there, waiting for the wind to die down, because apparently the wind might be strong enough to derail it. Or they'd rather not risk it, given that this particular line is overflowing with people during rush hour (today I only had one foot on the train floor and I literally could not breathe because my bag is pushed against my tummy and people were still trying to squeeze into the train).

After 40 minutes of waiting we decided to just give up and go home. And yet everyone else was still there waiting for the train to be given the go signal despite the fact that the occasional gusts of wind are enough to shake the train back and forth. And by everyone, I mean really everyone - the the train is full, and so is the platform, and there is a crowd outside the train station too, presumably waiting until the line is given the go signal to operate again. And the couple of people who actually left the station headed of to the Keio Inagi station which is a good thirty minutes on foot.

See all those people sitting on the steps? They're waiting for the train to start. See the people leaving? That's us.
(Photo credits: Tin)

It's almost embarrassing that we decided to stay home, but I guess that even after almost a year of being here I do not have the same determination (desperation, almost) to report to the office as the Japanese do. I mean, that's dedication for you. I swear they actually looked really sad and disappointed that they cannot report for work.

On another note, my half day leave is now over; the wind is still howling like crazy, but work it is.

EDIT: So apparently it's really embarrassing to go home after the half-day leave. I guess the expectation was, you take a half day off only because you can't make it on time due to unavoidable circumstances, but you will still try to report to the office as soon as you can, in any humanly way possible (except taking a cab - apparently that is never an option). So we should've actually gone straight to the other train station so we could report to the office earlier.

Anyway, by the time we left the apartment the sun was shining like crazy and it's as if the typhoon was eons ago. Crazy crazy day.

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