Last Wednesday there was a torrential downpour so I thought it would be a good time to cook sinigang. So I went to the grocery, picked out a couple of shrimps (49JPY a piece but that's Japan for you), and then as I was paying for it, the cashier asked me how many shrimps I put in the plastic bag (please know that this is my interpretation of his rapid Japanese accompanied by hand gestures - for all we know he might have been asking for my age). I had to blink a couple of time before I remembered that 1) I was in Japan, and 2) He expected me to tell the truth. So I told him I bought eight (hachi, accompanied by hand gestures in case he doesn't understand). If I were in the Philippines, this would never happen because 1) the cashier will never ask you how many you bought, he will count it by himself, and in some cases he would count an extra invisible shrimp, and 2) the buyer will never answer with the correct number. In fact if he could get away with saying "I only got one shrimp" he would do so. But anyhoo, that's just my excuse to post a photo of a shrimp.

Why? Because I have nothing else to post. Why? Because nothing happened to me this weekend. NOTHING.

Yesterday I went to Shinjuku and Akihabara *shudder*, and here's my loot:

It's a random keychain and while it may be cute, it's not mine and it costs less than the train fare which to me translates to a terrible terrible shopping day.

Anyway, I told myself I still have Sunday and lookie what I got:

All from the friendly neighborhood 7-11, in an attempt to cure my hangover.
Backtrack: last night we had a drinking party, and I was late so I had a can of cassis orange on an empty stomach. Tsk tsk. And then, we each took a shot of what appeared to be ricewash but it tasted like rubbing alcohol. After that I was dizzy, but I thought I'll just sleep on it. Right. When I woke up this morning my head was pounding, and I had no idea what to do because I haven't really had a hangover before. I don't know if it's the coffee, Coke, or clam chowder but I was fine by noon time. Oh, and the magazine with the free Tsumori Chisato eco bag helped tremendously.

The afternoon was spent on laundry and the Pacquio-Cotto match, which I found kinda boring but I promised some officemates whom I bailed on (they went to Hakone but I was there last year) that I'd give them updates so I had to rummage around for live streaming links. And then it occurred to me that I had no idea how to give boxing match updates.

Update 1: Start na.
Update 2: Pacquiao punches Cotto. He punches back. They do that a couple more times.
Update 3: Round 2. Still going at it.
Update 4: Will somebody please hit the floor already?

At some point I spaced out and then suddenly it was over. I'm really no boxing enthusiast. I only live for the Manny Pacquiao interviews, which are as epic as the match itself: "Kuto is a very strong."

Since it was such a bleak weekend, I figured I'm at least entitled to a bit of online shopping, right? Unfortunately, the necklace I've been stalking is still out of stock. How annoying.

Anyway, since I was buying skincare stuff for my mom I thought I'd sneak in a couple of things for me, so I got a Philosophy cleanser and a Stila set which is quite a steal for less than 20USD:

I think a single eyeshadow pan alone costs more than the entire kit. And shipping is free (plus you get a 5 percent discount if you order three items or more) so I'd say it's a really great deal. There are a couple other things I wanted to get (the Benefit Powder Pop Palette, other Stila kits) but I shouldn't really be hoarding any more makeup. But anyway, in case you're interested, I got these from StrawberryNet. They have a lot of stuff, so please visit only when you're loaded with EQ. Or money.


  1. waah! I want too! gagayahin kita! hahaha i shall buy also!!! :P

  2. sulit diba? hahaha andami nila stila palettes pinigilan ko lang talaga sarili ko x.x

  3. yeah super sulit! did you get yours already? not sure where may stila dito eh sa rustan's ata.

    shetness talaga yang site na yan. para talaga sa mga walang EQ hahaha!