Not counting the Hokkaido train marathon, this has got to be my most hyperactive day ever.

See, this is me on a normal outing to wherever.

It must've been the weird sickening scent of fall leaves, because minutes later I'm doing this:

OMG. Me and a frisbee. The stance looks quite convincing, don't you think? Like I really knew what I was doing (I don't).

And then I also went cycling for maybe an hour or more all around the park and I'm pretty sure my bicycle mileage in Japan is higher than my mileage in the Philippines.

Anyway, so now everything hurts and I'm dead tired. I just really wanted to post the pics because I'm so incredibly proud of myself for, well, doing something physical other than running after trains and having shopping marathons.

Edit: I got sunburned. Oh the horror.

Pictures courtesy of Franz, Erick, Debid, and Tin (I forget who was holding which camera with which lens),


  1. i like your jacket/trench coat.

  2. love the sandal sa puno pic hehe

  3. @doti and chelo: pansinin niyo naman yung physical activity hahahaha. although i do love my trench (impulse buy) and my sandal sa puno pic hahahahaha

  4. yung frisbee pic medyo papasa na, mali lang hawak mo sa frisbee hehe