Hello people who read my blog waiting for the requisite loss of EQ every weekend (that means you, Anj; I so covet your boots, BTW).

I hate to disappoint, but despite the grand grand plans I had for this weekend laziness sleep got the better of me.

Last Saturday I spent the entire morning and a good part of the afternoon playing Tap Tap Revenge 3 on my iPhone (it's a testament to how addictive the game is that I chose it over shopping). By the time I managed to drag my ass off to the outlet park (Minami O, as always) it was almost midnight. Well OK it might've been five in the afternoon but it seriously looked and felt like I was out at an ungodly hour.

Anyway, I was supposed to shop for stuff for people back at home, and I did, but not as much as I would've wanted. I hate shopping for pasalubong - unlike shopping for myself, I get really indecisive and it's really stressful.

And that's my excuse for yet another pair of Nike flats. To me they look like Christmas (ignore the hearts and focus on the red and white and glitter). I was actually in Nike looking for shoes for my brothers but I just couldn't find any which was frustrating - this is like my fifth attempt to buy them shoes. They wanted Nike Free shoes and for some reason they're all gone so I was trying to scour the broken sizes at the back and I found these pretty pretty shoes, fell in love, and took them home with me. End of story.

The rest of the stuff I got are for other people, although I'm seriously coveting one of the bags because it's so pretty I want to keep it for myself. I have to constantly remind myself that I have two Coach bags so there is absolutely no need for another one.

That night I sent some of my stuff home courtesy of an officemate who had (a lot of) extra space in his Balikbayan box. I am now having separation anxiety because I can't see my Sonia Rykiel boots which were sent home along with six other pairs of shoes and eight bags.

For today I had a lot of things planned out - laundry, general cleaning, and then head off to Harajuku and then Shibuya and then Shinjuku for some major major shopping. And then I woke up at 3 pm. So I ended up going to Uniqlo in Fuchu which was just two stations away.

Uniqlo is having this crazy crazy sale and so I spent a good hour in there looking for stuff I could give other people but I ended up buying stuff for myself. I picked out quite a lot so I had to edit out a couple of pieces at the last minute which I kinda regret because when I got to the counter there were some additional discounts on some of the clothes which I didn't notice with all the frenzied panic buying going on. With what I "saved" I could've bought the black Merino wool sweater tsk tsk tsk.

I did get one in red, though.

Yet another fleece jacket because I don't have one in this color yet.

And a couple of button-down shirts for the office.

After that I went to the hundred-yen shop to get a couple of those compression bags.

These are bags for storing clothes and blankets and such, and then you use your vacuum so you save a lot of storage space. Most of them I will use for packing, and I bought a couple of extra ones for my mom and my grandma because they are in the habit of hoarding towels and linens and beddings.

Random things from some random store:

I finally got my hands on that damn stapler. It's insane - I can staple fifty pages of paper with one hand and very very little effort. I could probably even staple people's mouths shut.

Now this nifty little gadget is supposed to be a static electricity eliminator, but I have yet to find out if it works. But if it does it's my favorite gadget in the world -  now I no longer have to live in fear of discharging on metal objects. But we'll see.

It's now almost four in the morning. I shall now attempt to sleep.

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