The Story of my Mac

Oh look, I got another one. It's like my birthday all over again! I was so giddy I would've skipped my way home if I didn't have the new Macbook in my hands.

But let's rewind. So Thursday night I was using the new Mac and horror of horrors I found a dead pixel. I thought it was a stuck pixel at first, so I ran this sequence to try to "unstick" it, but I later figured one of the subpixels (each pixel has an R, G, and B subpixel) must be dead because for some colors the pixel works properly, for some colors it doesn't. Anyway the point is, one pixel is defective. And in my attempt to fix it I discovered yet another defective pixel. Can. you. imagine. the. stress. Dead pixels are much like miniscule scratches - they're fine as long as you don't notice them, and they're pretty hard to notice, but once you discover they're all you can ever see. Like this really drove me nuts. In fact, I was pretty much dysfunctional the next day at the office and I kinda feel bad.

After a bit of googling I was pretty much convinced that I'm stuck with the two dead pixels because apparently Apple doesn't have a "zero tolerance policy" regarding defective pixels which means that there's this certain minimum number before they replace your screen, which I so don't get. I mean it's no secret that you pay a premium for Apple products, and with that I expect amazing customer service. And I also expect my Mac to be perfect. I ordered a machine with 1920x1280 pixels, and if two of those pixels aren't working, then that's a defect, because the product does not meet the specs, right?

Since I've only had my Mac for a week I figured I'd at least try and bring it back to the store, and in the spirit of positive wishful thinking, I reformatted the Macbook in case they'd be willing to replace it. But I was also trying to accept the fact that there's a huge possibility that I'd be stuck with the two dead pixels.

So I took the Macbook to Yodobashi, explained what's wrong (it actually seems a bit silly because it's a teeny tiny pixel, but I swear once you notice it it's all you ever see), and after what seemed like ten thousand years, the staff grabs a new box and hands it to me. I swear I almost burst into tears. And yes, we did check the new one for dead pixels. So now I'm using the new Macbook and grinning ear to ear. Thank you thank you thank you Yodobashi person who replaced my laptop. And a billion thanks to the boss for helping me out because I'm pretty sure if it was just me I would've gone home in tears.

Anyway, on to other (random) things.

This is from the GA sisters and I thought it was really sweet and I really really love gifts because I'm shallow like that (but I mean, who doesn't love gifts?).

When they handed it to me they said "Here; get fat! get fat!" and now that I've opened it everything makes sense.

Oh, and I'm happy to announce that after a week of substituting tea for coffee I no longer get heartburns. I get a bit sluggish in the office, though, so maybe I'd sneak in a cup of coffee once in a while. The bad news is, I'm halfway through my two favorite teas after only a week.

So out of the three types I got from Teavana I ended up liking just one and it's MateVana, which isn't too surprising since this is supposedly for coffee lovers. I don't know how to describe the taste exactly, but, well, it's smooth and sort of earthy and not herbal or fruity.

This one's from Lupicia which has a stall in Shinjuku station so it's infinitely more accessible than Teavana (shipping costs are such a b*tch). It's called Bon Voyage and it has cinnamon and spices and blueberries and it's really really yummy but unfortunately it's one of those seasonal blends you can only get during Christmas.

Last but not least, how cute is my Hello Kitty toilet paper? It even smells faintly of strawberries.

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