In an attempt to reduce my coffee consumption to one cup per day I decided to get myself a fancy teamaker, if only to make tea more appealing. Now I am no tea connoisseur; if tea were music I'd be liking pop rock. And I really hate green tea. Since it's served in most restaurants here I've developed some form of tolerance for it, but if I had a choice I would never ever ever drink green tea. But, in light of the heartburns that have been recurring at an alarming frequency (and maybe getting worse each time) I figured I should at least attempt to switch.

Anyway, to cut the crap, I got my teamaker today. It was a bit intense when someone rang the doorbell but he had an ID and he showed me the package through the video camera which to me was enough assurance that it wasn't the "scary person" (or as our wonderful GA likes to call him, "stupid man").

I got the teamaker and I thought while I'm at it I'd sample a couple of teas, so I ordered 2 oz. each of MateVana, Strawberry Slender Pur-Erh, and Rooibos Tropica. Uh-huh. I cannot get any more clueless than this. But, I have tried the first two and they were surprisingly good, and the third one smells so so so wonderfully fruity. Now the teamaker is practically idiotproof and I'm pretty pleased with it.

I have yet to see if these can keep me functional for an entire day, though. See, this is where I spent the entire afternoon:

My activities were limited to the following:

1. Alcogel
2. Use new Macbook
3. Wipe off the lint from the new Macbook
4. Drink tea
5. Use the old Macbook
6. Alcogel
7. Hold up the new Macbook against the light to see if there are any scratches
8. Wipe the new Macbook with a microfiber cloth
9. Repeat steps 1-8

Anyway, gotta go. Work tomorrow.


  1. kung mag-sawa ka na sa teamaker mo, feel free to dispose of it in my direction. hehe (i like tea, i can't drink coffee)

    uwi ka na mommy. miss na kita!

  2. i get stomachache whenever i drink tea :(

    anyway, mommy palagi kita naaalala kasi palagi ako sa eastwood. haha. wala lang.