Canon iVIS HF21 + Random Stuff

I finally bought the Canon iVIS HF21 (Vixia HF21 elsewhere, I believe). My mother has been wanting a videocam for the longest time, and I've always told her that camcorders here have Japanese menus only (for digital cameras only Canon has English menus, the rest are all Japanese). But just recently I found out that Canon video cameras have English support so I decided to get her one.

At first I was going to buy just the FS21 which was standard definition but we're getting a new TV so I decided to go HD. Now I don't know much about video cameras, and neither do the people around me (everyone is all about dSLRs), but the HF21 has good reviews - it shoots in high definition, it has 64 Gb of internal memory, and it's pretty compact:

It's too bad I got this just now - it could've seen Hokkaido and Sapporo and filmed the fireworks last summer, but now all it's going to shoot is videos of the piglets my brothers dancing to whatever annoying song their teachers picked out.

My only beef with this is that it does not come with case, nor does Canon sell a separate one for it. I don't understand why for a camera this cute, they refuse to cash in on the carrying case. I tried to find a nice generic one, but I really want something specifically designed for this particular model so I'm assured of an exact fit. So now I can't bring the camera anywhere because it's, well, naked.

Oh, and the video editing software it comes with is only for Windows. But I couldn't care less because if you're using a Mac, you can download and edit the clips with iMovie (although admittedly it worried me at first). Just plug it into the USB port, and select "Connect to PC" in the menu (it does not mount automatically), and then in iMovie select "Import clips from camera". And you're done!

Anyway, I'll try to test it out for the next couple of days (my last couple of days in Japan x.x),

Other random stuff I just wanted to post:

The store in the mothership office sells Hello Kitty "Happy Bags" which are sealed bags loaded with stuff that altogether are worth much more than the cost of the bag - the catch is you don't know exactly what's inside save for the fact that they're Hello Kitty. This is popular in New Year, but I hear it gets crazy. Anyway, why the mothership office would have Hello Kitty happy bags I would never know, but thankfully I was able to nab the last one (special thanks to the boss for letting me go to the store and Grace for the heads up). It's a crap ton of stuff which is perfect since I'll be needing things to give random kids back at home. I might be keeping a couple of things for myself though hehehe.

It was my last day in the office yesterday. It's always sad to leave, and it got even more depressing because I forgot to update my last weekly report ever, and I just had to be such a failure on my last day of work.

Anyhoo, I also brought home these:

They're called カンパン ("kanpan") and they're supposed to be emergency food in case of natural disasters. Apparently the office stocks up on these, but they're about to expire, so they have to get new ones and they distributed the old ones to the employees so as not to waste them. For relief goods they look awfully cute. And supposedly they even have confetti candy. ^^

Anyway, last couple of days here. Wouldn't want to waste that.

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