Today is delivery day - both my package from Forever 21 and my balikbayan boxes are scheduled to arrive - and while it is very exciting, it's also annoying because I can't leave the house before then and I'm out about to die of starvation.

Anyhoo, the point is I've been obsessing over GelaSkins. What does that have to do with the previous post? Nothing, I just thought I'd mention.

As much as I love my iPhone's Fluke-ish silicon protector (Fluke is the brand of voltmeters that we had in our college electronics lab and they were all bright yellow), it's kinda bulky. I'm thinking it's better to have some sort of sleeve or pouch and then just remove any type of casing, but the back is just too prone to scratches to be able to leave it, well, naked. So I thought I'd get a GelaSkin since they're removable and won't damage my phone once I get tired of them.

The sad thing is I really really like this one:


But it's not available for iPhones. I wish I had the heart to skin my Macbook but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Or at all.

So I'd probably just get this one:


There is something haunting about the picture which I like. However, I hate crows. Here in Japan you see them everywhere and they're huge and ugly and noisy.

Other picks:

I'd get this one if the skin only had the train maps. I don't care so much for the red sun thing.

This one's hilarious.

And this one's pretty self-explanatory.

Anyway, the box is here. I'm following Eugene's advice and will stop blogging until I'm done.
Yeah right. :p

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P.S. Dear blogger, how long does it take to fix the darn bug when inserting images? It's quite annoying.

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  1. actually mommy i think me bug pa din. di ko kita ung pix.