iHeart JAL

And the office for getting me the ridiculously expensive full-priced ticket home.

I have no strength to recount the harrowing tale of how I managed to drag my ass to the airport; suffice to say that I only had one hour of sleep and my luggage weighs as much as I do.

I was so anxious when I checked in because I knew my baggage was overweight. True enough when the staff managed to hoist it onto the conveyor belt slash weighing scale there was a smattering of exclamations because it was way beyond the limit (31kg, the limit is 20). They tried to suggest I transfer some to my handcarry but when they tried to lift it the staff started giggling because, well, it was ten kilograms.

And then miracle of miracles: "It's no problem because you have a full-price ticket."

As if that's not enough: "Please use the JAL Sakura Lounge."

So now I'm draped across a couch after eating (free!) sushi. Japan loves me after all. Never mind that during customs inspection they opened my huge bag and after that I couldn't put everything back in again.

I'll have to say goodbye for now, but I'll be back soon. I hope.