See, this is why I believe the universe loves me.

So the past two days have been quite depressing, to say the least. Saturday, lost in Akihabara (I'm still not over it). Sunday, starved to death while waiting for the balikbayan box pick-up kuya who arrived four hours late.

And today was my worst Monday ever. Ever. Ever.

First, I forgot my wallet at home. And inside my wallet is my alien card. Now the said truth about having a third world passport in a first world country is that you can never go anywhere without your alien card. So I had to skip lunch to go get it from the apartment; never mind that I also skipped breakfast, like I always do.

And then I attended what could possibly be my last regular meeting here in Japan. And, well, I just completely totally sucked. I wish it was one of those situations where I am praying to be struck by lightning just so it'd be over (e.g. philosophy oral exams), but it wasn't. It was more like I'm trying so hard and I'm still falling short. Now in my book there are no points for effort; it's always the end product that matters. Like no matter how much heart you put into your song if the vocal chords aren't there it's never going to happen. No matter how much effort you put into coding your program if in the end it doesn't do what it's supposed to then it's still a failure. Which is why it saddens me to realize that, well, I really suck at this. I was actually near tears by the end of the meeting; I was that depressed.

Anyway, so I went home feeling like a total failure, and lookie what I found smooshed into my pigeonhole:

At the end of the day there is always something to smile about. ^^