Quick Quips

1. Box No. 1 is around 80% full, but I'm not sure if I can have it shipped this week because of work stuff. Pfffft.

Lesson learned while packing my jeans: no matter how many jeans I own, I always end up wearing my Levi's and Grab jeans to death. So maybe I'll stop buying random brands altogether.

2. My Forever21 haul arrived with the Balikbayan boxes. Actually the Forever21 package came first, and I was so excited and I started trying everything and while I was doing that the doorbell rang so I had to receive my boxes wearing a skimpy summer dress.

I got this huge-ass ring which I am so in love with. Actually I love most of the stuff I got but they're already compression-packed so I can't take pictures. Lesson learned: always listen to Anj's advice because everything she picked out I really liked even if I was unsure of them at first. Speaking of Anj, would you go and post the damn Prada bag already!

3. This was a horrible horrible day workwise. I guess I'm a bit preoccupied and well, long story short, I basically just sucked big time, which is so not ideal considering I only have two Mondays left to spend here. Like right now I'm replaying everything that happened today inside my head and I kinda just wanna hang myself.

But anyway, the universe still loves me because the necklace I've been stalking for the longest time is now available here! And as if that's not wonderful enough, I also get a 25% discount plus free shipping! That's because I had it on pre-order for almost two months I think and then they had to cancel it because it was really really overdue, so to make up they gave me a coupon code for 25% off valid for 90 days and now I get to use it on the exact same item. I just hope it ships here on time.


  1. Hi Ella :)

    Good luck packing and thanks for putting me on your blog roll :)

  2. ahahaha sorry been so busy!

    anyway have you bought my canon na? now i'm hearing this g11 thing is hot - what's your perspective? let's ym to decide! hahaha.

    post pics of the f21 stuff. i don't rmbr which ones you finally did get.