Random Stuff

First of all, ang init.
Second, if you have any idea, any idea at all, on how I can skip our performance level family reunion tomorrow, I would so appreciate it. Best idea will get the following:

L-R: Kitkat Wasabi, Soy Sauce, and Intense Roasted Soybean. I hear there's also Vinegar and Karashi (Japanese mustard) flavor but I was unable to get my hands on those. In theory I'm curious to find out what they taste like but I'm terrified.

Third, I have learned to deal with the slow internet. Naw, not really. Just now it dawned upon me that I actually have to wait before I can watch YouTube videos. Haysh.

Other random stuff:

The piglets got Lego watches and I should get one too, right?

Ateneo jacket courtesy of Rocky (many many thanks).

And my aunt got me Aveeno stuff. I really really like Aveeno but I just can't find them in Manila. Or Tokyo.

And my uncle got us a huge ass Hello Kitty alarm clock (pictured here with my iPhone so you can see how big it is), which is also loud enough to wake the entire neighborhood.

This one is my sister's but she promised to get me one (I believe it's available here). It's more for students, but when I saw this page I was sold:

All Saints FTW. ^^


  1. erm maglagay ka ng garlic sa armpits mo...pampataas daw yun ng body temp hehehe.

    Or fake LBM :D

    Pinatulan ko talaga hahaha.

  2. hmm.. i know i saw aveeno products sa imported aisle sa hypermarket. they have some here, pero not all. wala sila nung foaming facial wash (i think).

  3. hmmm... curious ako dun sa mga Kitkat...

  4. try market market supermarket. the gaisano's always have imported stuff. hehe.