So I guess this is how it's going to be - I get stressed to my wits end during work hours and when I get home there's a package waiting for me. I'd say it's worth it. Unfortunately I've run out of packages to receive.

Anyway, today it's my brush set from Sigma.

I ordered this during their Black Friday sale. It came very nicely packaged, and I also got a couple of freebies which is always wonderful.

I got the "Naughty in Black" brush set and I got an SS187 (travel size) and an Indian Girl eyeshadow for free.

The brush set looks like this inside:

It has an SS150, SS168, SS190, SS194, SS224, SS219, and an SS239. The numbers are same as the numbers of the MAC brushes that they're dupe-ing. I actually ordered this set because I want a blending brush and a foundation brush, but for the price of the MAC original ones I would be able to get the entire Sigma brush set (the full size ones plus brush roll) so it's quite ridiculous. Anyway, I haven't had enough time to play around with them but they seem really soft and well-made.

I'm actually feeling a bit guilty right now because I did a real dumbass thing. When I purchased this I used my PayPal account. I added my Japan address and used this as my shipping address. Simple enough, right?

Two weeks later I was checking my old e-mails, and then horror of horrors, I found that PayPal appended the country indicated in my billing address to *all* my shipping addresses. Which means that my Japan address was: "Tokyo, Japan, Philippines". WTF. So I panicked and I e-mailed Sigma and I asked them if they could possibly help me with this whole fiasco, all of which is admittedly my fault. Yesterday I got a reply from Tara of Sigma and she said they would just ship out a new package to the correct address and that is just amazing customer service if I should say so myself.

And so here's the thing. I got my package today. It was stamped "MISSENT" but I guess they decided to ship it to Japan anyway. So I hurriedly opened my laptop so I could e-mail Sigma so they would no longer ship the second package but it was shipped already. It is such a huge huge mess I made and I feel really bad because with all my recklessness in online shopping I have never once been duped, and I've always had good customer service so there's absolutely no reason for me to be causing this much trouble. So I just sent Sigma yet another e-mail and I just promised to ship back the second package once I receive it.

Anyway, big day tomorrow. Gotta go.