Weekend Stress Face

Well that was a waste of a weekend. And it's not like I have any more weekends to spare.

I spent the entire day Saturday getting lost in Akihabara. By lost I don't mean walking aimlessly lost; I mean where-the-hell-am-I-how-do-I-get-back lost. See I tried to find this store called Wink to get a camcorder for my mom. Normally I would just buy it in the major stores but the price difference is just ridiculously. So anyway, long story short, I got really really lost and when I was near tears I managed to actually find the damn store. But my happiness was short-lived because I found out that after all that effort, the camcorder was out of stock. All that effort (and sweat and tears and burnt calories) for nothing.

And Sunday was not so fun either. I scheduled my Balikbayan box for pick-up in the morning from 11 am to 3 pm. The kuya arrived at 7 in the evening. Now at this point I was starving (no food in the apartment, and I can't leave until the box is picked up) and stressed beyond belief, but what would be the point of arguing with a kuya when 1)we don't exactly understand each other, 2)it's probably not his fault; my guess is it's a scheduling error, and 3)he was able to carry my box down three flights of stairs without breaking a sweat, and that's not the kind of guy you want to argue with.

So anyway, the point of story is, I now have a Powershot S90.