Reproduction is not limited to photocopiers

Apparently, it's called "Happy Wednesday" for a reason.

Move over, Google. Sure you have a kick ass office. And great food. And employees get to spend twenty percent of their time on personal stuff. But I bet your employees don't get to go home early for more... interesting activities.

From CNN: Go home and multiply .
In a country where 12-hour workdays are common, [Canon] has taken to letting its employees leave early twice a week for a rather unusual reason: to encourage them to have more babies.
And that's why we get to go home early on Wednesdays and Fridays. heehee.

Japan is in the midst of an unprecedented recession, so corporations are being asked to work toward fixing another major problem: the country's low birthrate.

Now, see, if we follow the same line of thinking, then in the Philippines, employees should not be allowed to leave the offices at all. But, hey, my dad was always in some other country and there are seven kids in the family so naaah, wouldn't work.

Parting words:
"It's great that we can go home early and not feel ashamed," said employee Miwa Iwasaki. 
Oh, how true.

Sneak Peek

I ran out of time to blog today, tsk tsk. But I promise to update very very soon. Coming soon:

OK, so the last one's just dinner, but I thought I'd share.
And Globe is still spamming me , by the way. Hmmmph.


What the f*ck is wrong with Globe?
A couple of months ago, I wasn't able to connect to any service provider for weeks (which is partly why I got the SoftBank line). And now, I get this:
It's a text message from my sister. I received it twelve times. Twelve. And there's this other text message from an office mate, and so far his text message has been sent to me eleven times, and the twelfth (or thirteenth, or hundredth) should be well on its way. Now I know I got a free iPhone from Globe (thankyouverymuch), but that doesn't mean they can just spam me at whim (although I must say, this is much much better than the "pass to 159 people or you will die tomorrow" text messages which I suspect must have been propagated by the telecom giants themselves).

Edit: And the timestamp is wrong! There is no way in hell that my sister is awake at 7 in the morning on a school day. Apart from the fact that she is responding to a message I sent this afternoon. Agh.
And speaking of, if you're planning to get an iPhone, don't. Get an iPod Touch, and a Razr, and be happy. Apple really does not understand phones. But as for gadgets, it's a whole other story. Now I know a lot of people think the iPod touch is one overrated gadget, but I beg to differ. The only time I hate my iPhone is when using it as a phone, the rest of the time it's love. I think the App Store really really made a difference, because it enables the iPhone (OR the iPod touch, which you should get instead of the iPhone) to be anything - a Japanese dictionary, an iPod, a web browser, an e-mail client, a steering wheel, a remote control, and, how could I possibly forget, a lightsaber (I uninstalled it though). 
Anyhoo, hafta sleep, we go snowboarding on Saturday and we leave tomorrow. 
Have a happy spam-free weekend. ^^

The Requisite Weekend Shopping Post

The Setagaya Boro-ichi flea market happens only twice a year, so off we went one Happy Friday.

It's almost like Baguio, but colder. Way colder. There were a lot of shops selling kimonos and lacquered bowls and teapot sets, and there was this one selling a bunch of coins of different currencies for 100 yen each, and yes, there was a one-peso coin (the old one with Rizal facing front).

Anyway, guess what I got?

Hehe of course not. But it's the cutest baby ever, and I wanted to post a picture. Actually all babies in Japan are terribly cute, and their cheeks all have these huge pink circles like someone just slapped them repeatedly with a lollipop.

So I didn't get anything at the flea market because sometimes my EQ shoots up like that. Hah.
I did get something today, though.

Because I'm tired of discharging on my dining chair every time I so much as lay a finger on it. It hurts. And my skin asthma is thisclose to resurfacing.

So I got a humidifier, after a couple of months of sticking it out with a cup of water under the heating vent. I didn't have a wide selection to choose from due to budget constraints, but I think it's pretty. And you can put aromatherapy oils in it, too, so hopefully I get to sleep better now and not wake up with a scratchy throat and bloody nose. I would still be dreaming of lechon, though.

And that's how it's done

Remember last year when the company back at home had no more money for OT pay and they tried to package it as "promoting no overtime for health concerns"?

Well the mother company shows us how it's done: "To reduce the costs, we are only allowed to work until 8."
Simple, direct-to-the-point, and completely devoid of bullshit.

And less likely to cause people to leave.
Just sayin.

Thank God It's Sabado

So it's a typical weekend.

Woke up early (hah!) and went to Akihabara. We were by the doorstep of PC Bomber before 11 and bought a camera. And then we proceeded to Wink and Outlet Plaza, where we bought three more cameras. And then we trooped to Yodobashi for the camera accessories. After that we proceeded to Shinjuku, and then to Shibuya, and then we went home.

The waking up early part is probably a dead giveaway, but I never really fancy going to Akihabara. Sure, it's one of the must-sees for business trippers and tourists, maybe, but I am so sick of it already. I actually never set foot there since spring last year (and even then I was just forced). Going there makes me realize how men must feel when we insist that they accompany us when shopping. Ladies, don't do that; it's brutal. Half a day of visiting each and every single nook and cranny of every single shop for hard drives and routers is just pure torture. Me, I want a router, I go to Yodobashi, pick one, buy it, and go home (the men's version would be: Me, I want a T-shirt, I go to the mall, pick one, buy it, and go home).

Anyhoo, the cameras aren't mine. These are, though.

A snowflake pendant. Maybe if I wear it often enough it's finally going to snow. I know I already went snowboarding, but I want to see the snow falling. In Tokyo. I got it from this store in Shibuya, for less than a Starbucks latte. Oh, and I got the matching earrings too. Really, snow already. Moving on...

It's a handcuff pendant! And they open and close for realz (in fact the hadcuffs serve as the clasp). I just found it interesting, although it looks a bit less handcuffy when worn. But I laveeet still.

And, well, since it's cold and, errmmm, soon-to-be-snowy...

Winter boots! Yay! I swear they're so comfy and warm, and it's like walking on carpet. Oh, and they're dirt cheap too.

My boots (with the fur) with my white Eddie Bauer parka which I got during the break. I love love love this jacket! Apart from the fact that it came with a huge huge huge discount (I'm an outlet-park whore, see), it's really really warm sans the bulk. It's also a windbreaker which is great because the wind here can be insane at times. Oh, and did I mention it's machine-washable? My only problem with it is that I have gotten so attached to it that my other jackets are about to stage a protest. And then this one came along.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, here has a military green jacket with fur on the hood. So I figured I want one too. Oh, and all the fuzzy furry things in the jacket (including the warm lining) are detachable, which means I can use this when I get back to the tropics.

And speaking of, I also got my lootbag from the Philippines!!!

Special thanks to Donna for the Christmas present! I love Christmas presents because I don't get a lot anymore. Heehee.

At first I found it weird that she gave me a donut for Christmas (and I received it on the first week of January). Eheh, turns out it's soap.

I also got a couple of things from Candice, back when we kept enabling each other to order make-up.

LaurEss foundation, Aromaleigh Hi-Def finishing powder and Rococo blush, which I have yet to try.

I also got my AWG stippling brush which was quite tiny (which is a good thing). It's shown here with my (very dirty) MAC187.

And I also got a FINO card holder from the office exchange gift because I have like a billion cards already.
Anyway, it's extremely late and I have to sleep, but let me end with a food pic:

Aligue pasta, or cellulite in a bowl. I swear I will never cook this again anytime soon - it's just too sinful. But then again, I have really low EQ. ^^


I have got to stop buying Uniqlo hoodies.

But they're just so pretty and cheap and I can't help it. I even made a mad dash to the department store Uniqlo in Kawasaki, because the mega-Uniqlo in Lazona ran out of the pink ones in my size.

Now I know I don't deserve this, what with me burning my carpet this morning, but I also bought a houndstooth-print scarf from the Gap because it's pretty and warm and 70% off.

Anyway, hafta go. Work tomorrow. Ugh.

insomnia ii

So, hey I burned my carpet. At three in the morning. While I was ironing my clothes. And doing my fourth batch of laundry. And watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.
It's the most horrid sight ever. And I can't figure out a way to cover it up - the furniture is not exactly mobile. So unless I start crapping money in which case I could have the apartment re-carpeted (in pink!), I would just have to live with it.
Anyway, on to the nicer things in life. Exhibit A.
NARS has quite a following so I figured I'd hop aboard the bandwagon. Originally I wanted to get Orgasm because it's the cult favorite but it's just too shimmery for me. Now I know the color is scary, but it's actually quite pretty when swiped (with a very very light hand).
Anyway, I deserve a pat on the back today. Amidst all the New Year grand sales, this was the only thing I bought. I stopped myself from buying, among other things, a jacket and suede boots from the GAP (50% off and then discounted further by 20%), and a really really nice trench coat from ZARA with a removable lining (50% off).
I did burn my carpet, though. Bumming really hard now.


My body clock is screwed ten times over.

So for the couple of days I've been nesting. In fact, I spent the entire New Year (the eve and the day itself) all holed up. Tokyo, with its frenzied frenetic pace, all but shuts down on the first day of the year, and I chose to do the same; I feel like I've been chasing after trains the entire time I've been here.

And I actually have been, you know. The 8:29 train (7:54 if I'm going to the mothership office) is just too darned early and I'm always making a mad dash to the train station.

Exhibit A:

My beloved heels after a month and a half, and I don't even wear them that often.

At any rate, apparently I've over-hibernated, and now it's 5 in the morning and I am nowhere near sleepy. Although I did have coffee around midnight, but that has never really stopped me before. I'm always the first to fall asleep during drinking parties, and my mom used to say I could sleep even if the president was there. And my boss actually caught me sleeping during one of our very long videoconferences (it happened only once, I swear, and it was because there was this lull and we weren't discussing anything), and of course he had to include it in his New Year greeting card which, might I add, I only got to see this afternoon because it's the first time I went out this year.

All this inertia is killing me already.