Random Stuff

First of all, ang init.
Second, if you have any idea, any idea at all, on how I can skip our performance level family reunion tomorrow, I would so appreciate it. Best idea will get the following:

L-R: Kitkat Wasabi, Soy Sauce, and Intense Roasted Soybean. I hear there's also Vinegar and Karashi (Japanese mustard) flavor but I was unable to get my hands on those. In theory I'm curious to find out what they taste like but I'm terrified.

Third, I have learned to deal with the slow internet. Naw, not really. Just now it dawned upon me that I actually have to wait before I can watch YouTube videos. Haysh.

Other random stuff:

The piglets got Lego watches and I should get one too, right?

Ateneo jacket courtesy of Rocky (many many thanks).

And my aunt got me Aveeno stuff. I really really like Aveeno but I just can't find them in Manila. Or Tokyo.

And my uncle got us a huge ass Hello Kitty alarm clock (pictured here with my iPhone so you can see how big it is), which is also loud enough to wake the entire neighborhood.

This one is my sister's but she promised to get me one (I believe it's available here). It's more for students, but when I saw this page I was sold:

All Saints FTW. ^^




iHeart JAL

And the office for getting me the ridiculously expensive full-priced ticket home.

I have no strength to recount the harrowing tale of how I managed to drag my ass to the airport; suffice to say that I only had one hour of sleep and my luggage weighs as much as I do.

I was so anxious when I checked in because I knew my baggage was overweight. True enough when the staff managed to hoist it onto the conveyor belt slash weighing scale there was a smattering of exclamations because it was way beyond the limit (31kg, the limit is 20). They tried to suggest I transfer some to my handcarry but when they tried to lift it the staff started giggling because, well, it was ten kilograms.

And then miracle of miracles: "It's no problem because you have a full-price ticket."

As if that's not enough: "Please use the JAL Sakura Lounge."

So now I'm draped across a couch after eating (free!) sushi. Japan loves me after all. Never mind that during customs inspection they opened my huge bag and after that I couldn't put everything back in again.

I'll have to say goodbye for now, but I'll be back soon. I hope.

Walang Pasko Dito

Pero keri lang :p
Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas shoes :p

Christmas Party :D

(Photo credits: Debid)

Death by Cuteness

I have a dilemma. I got this for my sister but I so want to keep it for myself.

It's an anime USB flash drive. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

It sits on the edge of your laptop and it also comes with a "sofa" in case you have a desktop and the USB slot is not accessible.

And then when she's not plugged in you can stand her up like this:

My heart just melted. I don't even need a flash drive but I'm seriously considering getting another one. Or finding a different gift for my sister. I don't even know the capacity but seriously, does it even matter?

Canon iVIS HF21 + Random Stuff

I finally bought the Canon iVIS HF21 (Vixia HF21 elsewhere, I believe). My mother has been wanting a videocam for the longest time, and I've always told her that camcorders here have Japanese menus only (for digital cameras only Canon has English menus, the rest are all Japanese). But just recently I found out that Canon video cameras have English support so I decided to get her one.

At first I was going to buy just the FS21 which was standard definition but we're getting a new TV so I decided to go HD. Now I don't know much about video cameras, and neither do the people around me (everyone is all about dSLRs), but the HF21 has good reviews - it shoots in high definition, it has 64 Gb of internal memory, and it's pretty compact:

It's too bad I got this just now - it could've seen Hokkaido and Sapporo and filmed the fireworks last summer, but now all it's going to shoot is videos of the piglets my brothers dancing to whatever annoying song their teachers picked out.

My only beef with this is that it does not come with case, nor does Canon sell a separate one for it. I don't understand why for a camera this cute, they refuse to cash in on the carrying case. I tried to find a nice generic one, but I really want something specifically designed for this particular model so I'm assured of an exact fit. So now I can't bring the camera anywhere because it's, well, naked.

Oh, and the video editing software it comes with is only for Windows. But I couldn't care less because if you're using a Mac, you can download and edit the clips with iMovie (although admittedly it worried me at first). Just plug it into the USB port, and select "Connect to PC" in the menu (it does not mount automatically), and then in iMovie select "Import clips from camera". And you're done!

Anyway, I'll try to test it out for the next couple of days (my last couple of days in Japan x.x),

Other random stuff I just wanted to post:

The store in the mothership office sells Hello Kitty "Happy Bags" which are sealed bags loaded with stuff that altogether are worth much more than the cost of the bag - the catch is you don't know exactly what's inside save for the fact that they're Hello Kitty. This is popular in New Year, but I hear it gets crazy. Anyway, why the mothership office would have Hello Kitty happy bags I would never know, but thankfully I was able to nab the last one (special thanks to the boss for letting me go to the store and Grace for the heads up). It's a crap ton of stuff which is perfect since I'll be needing things to give random kids back at home. I might be keeping a couple of things for myself though hehehe.

It was my last day in the office yesterday. It's always sad to leave, and it got even more depressing because I forgot to update my last weekly report ever, and I just had to be such a failure on my last day of work.

Anyhoo, I also brought home these:

They're called カンパン ("kanpan") and they're supposed to be emergency food in case of natural disasters. Apparently the office stocks up on these, but they're about to expire, so they have to get new ones and they distributed the old ones to the employees so as not to waste them. For relief goods they look awfully cute. And supposedly they even have confetti candy. ^^

Anyway, last couple of days here. Wouldn't want to waste that.


I got my GelaSkins!

Quite stressful to put on, I must say, but thankfully they're removable so you can reposition until you get the perfect fit. And when all else fails you can blowdry the bumps out.

The one I'm currently using is called "The Enamored Whale". It looks kinda washed out in the photo but it's pretty in person. I have three others (I got Crows, a Tokidoki one, and the Gummy Bear one) but this is kinda my favorite. ^^

Anyhoo, last day at work tomorrow. Wouldn't wanna be late for that.


Recap of my last full work week here (sniff sniff).

Monday and Tuesday I blogged about.

Wednesday we had a post-project analysis meeting which is always so so stressful but I was happy to get it done and over with and it actually wasn't so bad. And I had a sort-of project farewell party but it was actually more of a post-post-project analysis meeting party.

Thursday was an almost normal workday, and then we had okonomiyaki for dinner. It's one of those restaurants where you have to cook it yourself, and as it turns out there are several different kinds and we didn't know how to cook the other types but I think we did fairly OK.

Now I know this is probably just a typo but for some reason I found it hilarious:

Maybe because if you say it it sounds really funny? I don't know. See, now I'm chuckling by myself.

Moving on, Friday was our company farewell party. It was quite short and I didn't get a lot of chance to the other group members but we make do with what we have, right?

Plus, the cassis orange was pretty damn good.

Saturday we had lunch with one of the GA sisters but I don't have pictures. Afterwards I went to Minami Osawa with Grace who did nothing to stop me from buying stuff for myself when I was supposed to be buying stuff for other people (which I did - I got six watches (!) for my mom's friends and I also bought seven thousand JPY worth of chocolates).

For this one I'm going to go with my usual excuse: it's preeeeetty! It's leather in a pretty pretty gray color which I find I'm liking these days, and it comes with a shoulder strap. I actually can't decide if it works better as a clutch or as a shoulder bag but that's a good thing, right? It's hard to get stuff out though, because you have to open up a couple of zippers and snaps and stuff, but that's a good thing since I'm going back home to the Philippines and I want my stuff to be as inaccessible (to other people) as possible.

Today I'm supposed to be going to Akihabara to buy the camcorder, and I actually had everything planned out (wake up early, catch the 8:15 train, arrive at Okachimachi station 9:19, and spend the next forty minutes looking for PC Bomber getting lost). Last night at around 11:45 the camera was still in stock, 20 minutes later it was sold out. Gahk. So I guess I'll just go to Shinjuku then. Expect the haul post soon. Or not. We'll see.


So I guess this is how it's going to be - I get stressed to my wits end during work hours and when I get home there's a package waiting for me. I'd say it's worth it. Unfortunately I've run out of packages to receive.

Anyway, today it's my brush set from Sigma.

I ordered this during their Black Friday sale. It came very nicely packaged, and I also got a couple of freebies which is always wonderful.

I got the "Naughty in Black" brush set and I got an SS187 (travel size) and an Indian Girl eyeshadow for free.

The brush set looks like this inside:

It has an SS150, SS168, SS190, SS194, SS224, SS219, and an SS239. The numbers are same as the numbers of the MAC brushes that they're dupe-ing. I actually ordered this set because I want a blending brush and a foundation brush, but for the price of the MAC original ones I would be able to get the entire Sigma brush set (the full size ones plus brush roll) so it's quite ridiculous. Anyway, I haven't had enough time to play around with them but they seem really soft and well-made.

I'm actually feeling a bit guilty right now because I did a real dumbass thing. When I purchased this I used my PayPal account. I added my Japan address and used this as my shipping address. Simple enough, right?

Two weeks later I was checking my old e-mails, and then horror of horrors, I found that PayPal appended the country indicated in my billing address to *all* my shipping addresses. Which means that my Japan address was: "Tokyo, Japan, Philippines". WTF. So I panicked and I e-mailed Sigma and I asked them if they could possibly help me with this whole fiasco, all of which is admittedly my fault. Yesterday I got a reply from Tara of Sigma and she said they would just ship out a new package to the correct address and that is just amazing customer service if I should say so myself.

And so here's the thing. I got my package today. It was stamped "MISSENT" but I guess they decided to ship it to Japan anyway. So I hurriedly opened my laptop so I could e-mail Sigma so they would no longer ship the second package but it was shipped already. It is such a huge huge mess I made and I feel really bad because with all my recklessness in online shopping I have never once been duped, and I've always had good customer service so there's absolutely no reason for me to be causing this much trouble. So I just sent Sigma yet another e-mail and I just promised to ship back the second package once I receive it.

Anyway, big day tomorrow. Gotta go.


See, this is why I believe the universe loves me.

So the past two days have been quite depressing, to say the least. Saturday, lost in Akihabara (I'm still not over it). Sunday, starved to death while waiting for the balikbayan box pick-up kuya who arrived four hours late.

And today was my worst Monday ever. Ever. Ever.

First, I forgot my wallet at home. And inside my wallet is my alien card. Now the said truth about having a third world passport in a first world country is that you can never go anywhere without your alien card. So I had to skip lunch to go get it from the apartment; never mind that I also skipped breakfast, like I always do.

And then I attended what could possibly be my last regular meeting here in Japan. And, well, I just completely totally sucked. I wish it was one of those situations where I am praying to be struck by lightning just so it'd be over (e.g. philosophy oral exams), but it wasn't. It was more like I'm trying so hard and I'm still falling short. Now in my book there are no points for effort; it's always the end product that matters. Like no matter how much heart you put into your song if the vocal chords aren't there it's never going to happen. No matter how much effort you put into coding your program if in the end it doesn't do what it's supposed to then it's still a failure. Which is why it saddens me to realize that, well, I really suck at this. I was actually near tears by the end of the meeting; I was that depressed.

Anyway, so I went home feeling like a total failure, and lookie what I found smooshed into my pigeonhole:

At the end of the day there is always something to smile about. ^^

Weekend Stress Face

Well that was a waste of a weekend. And it's not like I have any more weekends to spare.

I spent the entire day Saturday getting lost in Akihabara. By lost I don't mean walking aimlessly lost; I mean where-the-hell-am-I-how-do-I-get-back lost. See I tried to find this store called Wink to get a camcorder for my mom. Normally I would just buy it in the major stores but the price difference is just ridiculously. So anyway, long story short, I got really really lost and when I was near tears I managed to actually find the damn store. But my happiness was short-lived because I found out that after all that effort, the camcorder was out of stock. All that effort (and sweat and tears and burnt calories) for nothing.

And Sunday was not so fun either. I scheduled my Balikbayan box for pick-up in the morning from 11 am to 3 pm. The kuya arrived at 7 in the evening. Now at this point I was starving (no food in the apartment, and I can't leave until the box is picked up) and stressed beyond belief, but what would be the point of arguing with a kuya when 1)we don't exactly understand each other, 2)it's probably not his fault; my guess is it's a scheduling error, and 3)he was able to carry my box down three flights of stairs without breaking a sweat, and that's not the kind of guy you want to argue with.

So anyway, the point of story is, I now have a Powershot S90.

One Down

One to go.

Farewell Party

Send-off for my old Macbook who is going home to the Philippines ahead of everyone else. Anxiety attack. I miss him already.

Quick Quips

1. Box No. 1 is around 80% full, but I'm not sure if I can have it shipped this week because of work stuff. Pfffft.

Lesson learned while packing my jeans: no matter how many jeans I own, I always end up wearing my Levi's and Grab jeans to death. So maybe I'll stop buying random brands altogether.

2. My Forever21 haul arrived with the Balikbayan boxes. Actually the Forever21 package came first, and I was so excited and I started trying everything and while I was doing that the doorbell rang so I had to receive my boxes wearing a skimpy summer dress.

I got this huge-ass ring which I am so in love with. Actually I love most of the stuff I got but they're already compression-packed so I can't take pictures. Lesson learned: always listen to Anj's advice because everything she picked out I really liked even if I was unsure of them at first. Speaking of Anj, would you go and post the damn Prada bag already!

3. This was a horrible horrible day workwise. I guess I'm a bit preoccupied and well, long story short, I basically just sucked big time, which is so not ideal considering I only have two Mondays left to spend here. Like right now I'm replaying everything that happened today inside my head and I kinda just wanna hang myself.

But anyway, the universe still loves me because the necklace I've been stalking for the longest time is now available here! And as if that's not wonderful enough, I also get a 25% discount plus free shipping! That's because I had it on pre-order for almost two months I think and then they had to cancel it because it was really really overdue, so to make up they gave me a coupon code for 25% off valid for 90 days and now I get to use it on the exact same item. I just hope it ships here on time.


Today is delivery day - both my package from Forever 21 and my balikbayan boxes are scheduled to arrive - and while it is very exciting, it's also annoying because I can't leave the house before then and I'm out about to die of starvation.

Anyhoo, the point is I've been obsessing over GelaSkins. What does that have to do with the previous post? Nothing, I just thought I'd mention.

As much as I love my iPhone's Fluke-ish silicon protector (Fluke is the brand of voltmeters that we had in our college electronics lab and they were all bright yellow), it's kinda bulky. I'm thinking it's better to have some sort of sleeve or pouch and then just remove any type of casing, but the back is just too prone to scratches to be able to leave it, well, naked. So I thought I'd get a GelaSkin since they're removable and won't damage my phone once I get tired of them.

The sad thing is I really really like this one:


But it's not available for iPhones. I wish I had the heart to skin my Macbook but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Or at all.

So I'd probably just get this one:


There is something haunting about the picture which I like. However, I hate crows. Here in Japan you see them everywhere and they're huge and ugly and noisy.

Other picks:

I'd get this one if the skin only had the train maps. I don't care so much for the red sun thing.

This one's hilarious.

And this one's pretty self-explanatory.

Anyway, the box is here. I'm following Eugene's advice and will stop blogging until I'm done.
Yeah right. :p

Credits: Pictures from gelaskins.com.

P.S. Dear blogger, how long does it take to fix the darn bug when inserting images? It's quite annoying.

Which is Worse?

Spending the entire afternoon scouring shops for pasalubong (after spending the entire morning listening to your mother ramble about the same thing), or packing your entire life into one neat little box?


How the hell am I going to get anything done on schedule?

The Mouse and the Turtle

Once upon a time in the Apple store there lived a Magic Mouse.


And now it's mine, bitch. ^^
It took some time (a month and then some) because it was always sold out. Thank God I somehow ended up in the Apple Store in Shibuya and I was able to finally get my hands on one.

I also dropped by the Disney store to look for pasalubong and went home with this.


It's Squirt from Finding Nemo!
I took one look and decided there is no way I am leaving him there. Cutest thing ever.


See now my whale shark has a friend. ^^