Worst day ever. I was on post-assignment leave which is two days off from work to take care of things that need to be taken care of upon return to the Philippines. For me that meant my hair, my eyes (am in need of new glasses), and my wardrobe.

1100h PST: HAIR
After spending hours trying to figure out whether I should get a perm or not, I decided to go with the same old boring haircut I've been sporting for the last hundred years. My rationale: there are far too many changes going on right now for me to be doing major changes elsewhere. That, and the fact that I am dying to cut my hair. And I also realized that I prefer straight hair over wavy hair just because it looks more... polished?

Anyway, I got my hair cut in Profiles salon which is just a couple of steps away from the apartment. The end result is a tad bit shorter than what I would have preferred but me likes it. And the salon is quiet and the staff aren't pushy and the tea they serve you tastes like the free tea they serve in restaurants in Japan which is nice.

1230h PST: EYES
FAIL. I went to The Optical Shop in TriNoMa to have my glasses made. I spent ten years trying to pick out the perfect frame, which was a bit over budget but I figured since I'll be wearing it everyday it's OK. Then I had my eyes checked, etc. etc. When all that is done and over with, they suddenly inform me that their technician is taking a day off so I'd have to wait for a day to get my glasses. What the hell. I told them I wanted my glasses right away, and if they had told me earlier then I wouldn't have wasted my time picking out a frame and having my eyes checked and all that. Their reply was, well, it was an unscheduled emergency leave, which to me is just one big lame-ass excuse as well as an attempt to gain sympathy points.

I'm usually a very nice customer, and I very rarely give attitude, but I hate it when all I get is excuses. I think that good customer service would be to admit that something went wrong and to propose how you could make up for it. I guess the reply I was expecting was "We're very sorry for not informing you earlier, and if you no longer wish to have your glasses made we fully understand." Instead, when I informed them I was canceling the transaction, they go "Ma'am namaaaaan, sayang naman po". Ugh.

Anyway, long story short, no glasses.

We had a sudden scheduled meeting so I reported to the office even if I was on post-assignment leave. I really didn't mind so much because I didn't want to miss the first meeting of the year. Big mistake. I should've just skipped the meeting because afterwards I'm terribly depressed. In a span of four days I went from excited to frustrated. In all honesty I was really really excited to go back home and work on my project. But now that I'm here I realized I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing, and I feel like instead of helping I'm upsetting the whole structure. Like I'm trying to be useful but maybe I'm not really necessary. And I'm also not sure if my one year stay in Japan did me any good, skill-wise, or did the project any good. I've always thought I'm doing pretty well in my job for the past four years, but looking back, I've never really done anything excellent.

Of course there's an 80% chance that this is all just PMS, so let's see how things turn out.

Thank God for Eastwood Mall, shopping buddies, and 50% discounts.

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