Yay Nay

Yay: Unexpected wonderful gifts.

My officemates handed me a Starbucks Promo card with sixteen stickers! I am now one peppermint mocha away from a Starbucks planner. Many many many many thanks.

And my first day of work is not so bad. Actually it was quite fun. And I went window shopping in the Eastwood mall after. But I didn't buy anything so hooray for my new and improved EQ.

Nay: Jollibee calling people fat.
It's a common practice for staff to write descriptions of people on the receipt so that it would be easier to locate them when their order is ready. Actually back in college I remember I kept a McDonald's receipt because it said "lady in pink."

Anyway, my cousin went to Jollibee Katipunan, and since he was buying dinner for eight people, he had to wait for a couple of minutes. When he got home I noticed there was something written on the receipt. It said: "mataba". Foul.

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  1. ows? ireklamo nyo kaya. e pleasantly plump ba tlga si cousin? baka nmn di sya yung pinapasaringan...