The Little Phone that Could (and other random stuff)

My iPhone has a frenemy:

I've always hated shopping for an office-compliant phones because let's face it, the only phones with no camera are so ugly they're depressing.

Thankfully I came across the ultimate office phone:

Introducing the Cherry Mobile P1, a mobile phone so devoid of features it doesn't even come with a manual. It can call, it can text (and is surprisingly good at it), and that, my friends, is the extent of its services. It's also cute as a button and could pass for a calculator. And the interface is unpretentious and stress-free. I'm calling her Penny.

Now on to other stuff, because it's been a while since I posted a haul :p

NARS Sheer Glow foundation, which came with a free mini lip gloss duo in Strip Tease and Dolce Vita, courtesy of Lara (NARS Edsa Shang). It's pretty good but I've only had it for a week so we'll see.

Scandalously pink glittery flats. ^^

And yet another pair of flats, this time from the kids section. I have no idea why they have it in my size (they even have it in a much bigger size) but I'm not complaining because children's shoes are way cheaper.

What the Dog Saw, by Malcolm Gladwell, shown here with other crap I carry in my purse everyday. My hunch is I've read most of the articles here online (as per Sir Gad's advice), but reading it on print is so much better than from a computer monitor (which is why I'm still interested in the overpriced Kindle). I like Malcolm Gladwell; he makes the most mundane everyday things interesting.

Last, but not least, my sister managed to unearth this back at home while looking for God knows what:

Now this was made when I was in high school, so the songs are half-teenybopper half-poser. :p
I do still like them, though.


  1. weeee you still use the coach purse! :)

    i see kahit balik to pinas salary ka na you can't take the shopaholic out of the underpaid engineer na. =P

    wala parin akong case for the camera. huhuhu. first time ko sya gagamitin outdoors sa hanoi this weekend. any tips? for now hanggang auto palang ako olats.

  2. your camera has a "heart" mode which is for beginners but it's actually pretty good.
    so for very important shots (i.e. you only get one chance to take that picture) i use it. :D

  3. in fairness mukha nga sya calculator. aliw at green pa!

  4. @maymay: ang masaklap ay wala siyang calculator na function hahahahahaha