Long Time, No Blog

Just really busy with work. And, err, shopping. I think I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of things. I'm actually enjoying work now. I mean, sure, everyday is a 14-hour work day and I get home each night on the verge of collapsing. But now I'm doing some coding, which I loooove, and the people I work with are hilarious. And they provide me with TBBT and HIMYM episodes hehehehe.

I've discovered the secret to a perfectly productive workday.
1. Lorenzo von Matterhorn, i.e. a really really good cup of coffee

It makes a world of a difference.
My magic formula is: Starbucks Verona + Muscovado sugar + Soy Milk. Loooove.

2. Fully-loaded iPod.

So I can forget about the goddamned traffic and block out whatever junk comes out of the cab's speakers. And songs from high school never fail to make me smile. Especially when I remember saving money so I can buy an Arkarna cassette tape. Hahahah cassette tape.

3. Bangaw shades. Self-explanatory.

Oh, and for Lent, I'm giving up Coke.
I've been Coke-free since Monday!

Side-story: My officemate, let's call him Mark, decided it's his chance to torture me and proceeded to drink an entire can of Coke (complete with the ahhhhhhhh and what seemed like a billion burps) during lunch. The next day he had acid-peptic disease and the nurse had to take him to the hospital. Karma's a bitch, no?

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