Me, Four Years Ago

I just stumbled upon my old blog. I happen to think it's a pretty good read :p

1. On work:
regardless of what other people say, i think i'll like it there. so it's stressful. fine. i'd take stressful over a no-brainer anytime.

Mmm, still true, most of the time.

2. Lemming:

Hot pink Macbook Pro. I've had two MacBooks since then, but none are pink. Tsk tsk.

3. On Japlish:

so now i have project dinners and group meetings and video conferences with japanese engineers. of course i had no idea what they are saying so i just sit there and keep nodding. i guess after a couple more video conferences they will sound more fluent to me.

Well whaddya know, they do sound so much more fluent now. :p

4. On commuting:

i just hate the bitch of a commute. first, i have to walk to the mrt station, which takes me around 15 minutes (half an hour in heels). although i do like walking in the morning, i'm not so big on encountering dogs. and it's dog city out there. this morning, i came across a total of sixteen dogs, TEN of which i saw all AT THE SAME TIME. wow, a dog barkada! thank god i was a few meters away when they started barking. maybe it's the morning dog fight club. and then, in the evenings, there are the usual construction workers and sari-sari store tambays. give me rabid dogs anytime. the train rides are uneventful - i go against the flow of rush hour traffic. although it's kinda weird the way there are a bazillion people on the other side of the tracks while i'm all alone on the opposite side. i feel like i have to wave to them or something. heheheh. and then there's the shuttle from quezon ave to eastwood which is sometimes there, sometimes not. ack.

Now I take a cab teehee.

5. Last but not least:

on a lighter note, 102 pounds na lang ako. from almost 130! ^^ nyaknyaknyak.

Ah, 102 pounds. nuninuninooo...

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