Yay, I'm home.

Manila has been grating on my nerves lately with the relentless summer heat, the traffic, and the presidential ads. And I've been missing Tokyo - the cool weather, the trains that are always on time, and the shopping *sigh*.

So I decided to go home. The heat is still unbearable, but the nights are pleasantly cool and the food is wonderful and I can sleep all day. We always have dinner at the "farm" which is what we've been calling my "house". It's located a couple of minutes away from the city, and although the entrance to the subdivision is right along the highway it is surrounded by farms so it feels quite provincial for the lack of a better term. My mom has been planting whatever she can get her hands on all over the yard - eggplants, mangoes, tomatoes, and this morning a friend gave her a jackfruit plant. And then my brothers have been collecting pets like they were action figures - we have ducks, a turkey, a pair of rabbits, two puppies and a dog, and a couple of cats but they're probably strays but we feed them anyways. And now they want a hamster. And an aviary! I drew the line at aviary because birds are noisy as hell. And I don't like birds. I'd much rather have a koi pond. Or an aquarium.

We have dinner in the yard because the house itself isn't furnished. It's quite pleasant save for the fact that my legs are riddled with mosquito bites after (I have since then learned to always wear jeans). Oh, and when you look up the sky is littered with stars. See, if it was like this in Manila, I would not have to go shopping.

Which reminds me, yesterday I had dinner with Dots and Rachelle and Chubs in Eastwood, and I bought pretty pretty shoes (I'll post a picture later) yay. I'm not entitled to shop because last week was relatively stress-free, but I've been eyeing that pair for a really long time, and I don't want to regret not getting them the way I did when I passed up on the pretty heels from Aldo (I am still hoping I'd get my hands on those, and it's been more than a year).

Anyhoo, my brother has to use the PC tsk tsk tsk.

P.S. For the adoptive parents of my adopt a kikay kit project, could you please e-mail me your contact details (my e-mail address is this blog's URL minus the blogspot.com at gmail.com)? I'll try to send them next week. My apologies for the delay.

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