The Schlepping Bag Goes to the Beach

Day trip to Potipot Island, Zambales with officemates. We left Manila around midnight so there weren't too many people when we got there.

The island is tiny and you can explore its entirety in a matter of minutes. It's probably not good for swimming because the water is already very deep just a couple of meters from the shore, but I don't really care because I don't swim anyways. And there are a lot of fishes near the shore and you can lure them in with bread.

Oh, and finally I got to wear the beach stuff I bought more than a year ago hahaha.

And I did some shameless camwhoring with Tin's Powershot D90. I have got to buy this camera. I wish they would roll out a new one already.

Of course I had to wear shades :p
Underwater camwhoring is not as easy as it looks! But I think I managed pretty well.

Not bad for my first beach outing in a long long looooong time.

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