Snip Snip Snippets

I can't sleep. Probably because I didn't come home dead tired today - I have this training thing so a huge part of the day was spent on lectures and group discussions which are infinitely less stressful than project issues. That said I do miss working on my project.

Yesterday I decided to have my hair cut so I went to Toni and Jackey. I figured I'd be adventurous this time. And guess what? I had the same darned hair cut again. But, see, it works for me, it really does, especially when it's done right. And as for the salon, cute hair stylist aside, it's a bit overpriced and the service is quite horrendous.

I guess I'll just stick to Soiree. Once you get over the cheesy name, it's actually a pretty darn good salon. At most there would be two other clients apart from me, so it's never crowded, and the staff is never ever ever pushy. And it's quiet and peaceful and the stylist does it right. And it's pretty cheap too. My only beef is that it's a wee bit inaccessible, but, well, that is also why it's never crowded.

Oh, and my skin is going bonkers due to too much sun exposure. My face hates sun screen so it's acting up, and I'm thisclose to another bout with skin asthma. Tsk tsk tsk.

I'm sleepy now. ^^

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