Let's start with Friday. Lunch with Chelo in Eastwood, finally!!! No pictures, but we ate in Momo, and man, do they have huge servings. And we ordered two entrees so you can imagine our horrified faces when the food came. Unfortunately I couldn't go shopping with her because I have to go back to work pffffft.

Saturday I spent the entire afternoon waiting for my cabinet to be assembled. I ordered it three weeks ago from SM, and they delivered the PARTS last week, and I had to wait for yet another week before it can be assembled by this guy named Lhenard. No kidding.

I actually considered assembling the whole thing myself when I received this text message but I haven't the faintest idea how. On a different note, in my reply you can see my iPhone's annoying attempt to auto-correct: lng -> Lang. I've had it for more than a year and it still hasn't learned the darn word when it only took my Motorola less than a day. What an idiot.

Anyhoo, moving on. My friend Tin was in Manila so my sister and I met up with her for dinner and then we watched Alice in Wonderland in TriNoMa. Oh, and thank goodness for sureseats.com - we got pretty good seats AND we got to watch it in 3D yay!

Normally I'd go with Johnny Depp, but Helena Bonham Carter is just pure genius in this movie. I actually felt sad when her Jabber-baby-wocky died. Off with their heads!

On to Sunday. I spent the entire day ironing clothes. Gaaaahk. I hate hate hate ironing. But I have no more excuses to not iron since I have so much more space now, with the new closet and all.

Anyway, I had dinner with Tin again and I did a tiny bit of shopping to reward myself hehehe.

Disclaimer: Three of these I got last week - the brush cleaner, Fix+, and Studio Fix Powder because I tanned so I'm now an NC35. Today I just got the Cleansing Oil. I have tried the Shu Uemura one, and as much as I tried to love it, I just don't. But I do like the concept so I'm trying this one out because I find that MAC skin care agrees with me.

I finally caved and bought NARS Orgasm.

I like that none of my NARS blushes look alike. ^^
(L-R Orgasm, Exhibit A, Desire)

Oh, and I am now on my fourth bag of ground coffee. This Lorenzo thing is getting pretty addicting. But it makes for pleasant mornings so I'm not complaining.

Last but not least, I'm putting a couple of my babies up for adoption. Please take them off my hands.

MAC Prep + Prime Sunblock SPF50, NYX cream blush in Glow, and NYX cream blush in Red Cheeks. If you want them you can have them unless someone got to them first.

So that's that. Have a great week, everyone. ^^


  1. So who are you giving your babies to? :) *hints*

  2. Pwede mag-apply na parent ng ipapaadopt mo? :D

    Grabe yung blushes mo parang hindi nagagalaw!