Bliss in a Box

I don't have much of a sweet tooth; my comfort food is french fries or a huge bag of tortilla chips with salsa. But my happy place will forever be inside a box of Royce chocolates.

Now I really really love the Nama chocolates, but my favorite chocolates are the ones that you can get from Okinawa. I got a box as pasalubong once, and since they're not available in Tokyo I'd only have one at a time, and only when I'm really really stressed and unable to do any shopping. When I went home I tried looking for them in Narita airport but they weren't available, so I thought I'd never get to try them again.

But lookie what I found in Royce TriNoMa:

At first I wasn't sure if this was the same thing because it came in a different box, but I had a nagging feeling that it was, so I checked the brochure and found this:

Kokutoh Chocolate: The finest brown sugar from Okinawa blended into one sumptuous chocolate. A rich and sugary favorite for any sweet tooth.

OMG. I must've gawked at it for hours before deciding to get myself a box. I kinda hate the box; the one I got before looked so much more festive and cute, and the individual wrappers had different designs.

40 squares of happiness. Yay.

It's just the best chocolate ever ever ever. And can I just say, I found it exactly when I needed it, right on cue. Thank you, universe.

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