Sunflowers, Fat Boys, and Mudfish Eggs

It's sunflower season in UP.

Photo taken using my Canon Powershot G9. I gave this to me mom My mom sequestered this when I got my Powershot S90, so I haven't had a chance to use it in a while. The S90 is a pretty good camera, don't get me wrong, but my macro shots turn out so much better when I use my G9. Tsk.

Anyhoo, I was in UP for my sister's graduation.

Here she is with our very own fat boys:

And here she is with the Oblation:

This photo very nearly gave me heatstroke (it was taken around noon).

After the photoshoot we went home to the province where my parents take care of all the bills so I can sleep with the air conditioning on. And my dad brought home a Wii, which we now routinely squabble over.

Random photo from yesterday's dinner:

Mudfish (dalag/bulig in Tagalog) eggs, dipped in tamarind sauce. Mmmmmmm...


  1. aba bago na ang nasa lemming list!

    mommy kamukha mo si ej. hehe.

    nasan na si sparky?

  2. nag-level up na ako ng lemming list hahaha.
    siya yung naka-blue na baboy. di na siya cute, munster na siya.