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25 May 2010
...where I talk about things other than shoes, bags, make-up, skincare, Apple products, or Animal Planet.






Nope, not happening. :p
But let's do random things.

1. So this manwhore slut good friend of mine tells me my longtime crush love object of affection is bisexual. Enter the double standard - if a girl is bisexual, I think it's kinda hot. But if a guy is bisexual, *shattering glass*. My officemates tell me I think like a man. Ick. My IQ just dropped by a hundred. But I am seriously seriously heartbroken.

2. Dear PETA, my friend is of the opinion that only leather goods are worth buying because "at least 'pag leather, buhay ang kapalit!"

3. Is it just me, or does the king of England in Robin Hood look like Craig David?

4. Project-appropriate outfit, courtesy of Looklet and Jeremy Scott for Adidas. Colorbars FTW.

5. So my officemate, a straight dude (if he is to be believed), opens his drawer, and pulls out a spankin' new tube of Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser. Tears of laughter. A couple of weeks ago it was a Garnier Roll-on Eye Pen. I still haven't figured out if he's just messing with us but I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks if he suddenly exhibits glowing skin with less eyebags.

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  1. Define relate!!! Hahaha. Gumuho rin mundo ko into bits and pieces when I discovered that I had the hots for a bisexual dude este dudette hahaha!


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