Cheap Thrills, and then some

I couldn't find anything I liked so I ended up shopping in the department store. ^^
I only got a couple of things but they're all pretty neat.

First I stumbled upon a really pretty bag organizer. I've been meaning to get one for the longest time - my bag is a black hole - but most of the ones I come across are really depressing.

I'm glad I found this one before my schlepping bag comes home (wink wink). I wish it had handles, but for 130PHP I don't think I should be complaining.

And then lookie what I found as I was paying for stuff:

I immediately grabbed one (it took some time because I never get the product in front; I always always have to get one from the back - do you do that too?) and paid for it, no thinking, swatching, reading descriptions. I've been lemming for this for the looooongest time.

It's supposedly a dupe of the NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo, for a fraction of the price - the NARS duo retails for around 35USD, this retails for 3USD (here in the Third World, it retails for 250PHP which is around 5USD - outrageous markup but what can you do).

But don't get your hopes up because I am telling you it's not. I can't really vouch for Laguna, but the blush most certainly is not a NARS Orgasm dupe.

The shade is just off.

For comparison, that's NARS Orgasm at the bottom, elf is on the right, and that's MAC Shy Beauty on the left. See how crazy different the shades are? And the difference is even more pronounced when you swatch them (I tried to take photos, I really did, but they suck) - whereas the MAC one is a pretty pinky-peach and the NARS one is peachy-pink the elf one turns into this ruddy reddish color which is  very different from the color on the pan - some mineral blushes do this too (turn ruddy red) and they say it's because of the pigments used.

BUT to be fair, the product never claimed to be a NARS dupe. And the quality of the packaging and the pigmentation of the blushes is insane considering the price. So what I'm saying is, if you're planning to get this because you are lemming for NARS Orgasm but is a bit short on cash, you will be very disappointed, so just wait a little longer until you have saved up for the real deal. But if you want a blush and bronzer set to play around with, this is so worth it.

Last but not least, I got these Marionnaud brushes from Watson's.

I got the angled blush brush and the retractable powder brush. Both are less than 200PHP and they come in this nice ziplock case which is great for travel. And can I just say I super impressed because these are sooooo soft. Some brushes are soft when you run your hands through them but scratchy when you run them across your face but these aren't like that at all. And they look pretty well-made too, and there was no shedding at all when I washed them. I haven't used them yet, so I can't really say I recommend them, but this particular line is worth looking at, I think.

Anyway, a couple of other things.
I got eyeliners because I am in a Jenny Humphrey phase.

First I bought the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen. It looks like a Sharpie, smells like a Sharpie, and works like a Sharpie. I wish it stays on like a Sharpie but I can remove it with one swipe which is disappointing. But it's very easy to use, and I'm a newbie in all of this, so I'm liking it so far.

I also got a gel liner in the form of a Stila Smudge pot. Stila is surprisingly cheap here in the Philippines. Or at least it's not marked up all the way to heaven like other international brands. I haven't tried this one yet so I can't really say anything about it.

Last random photo: iPhone wardrobe change. I got bored with the gummy bear so now it's Tokidoki (still by GelaSkins).

And now it's Monday. Have a great work week everyone.


  1. for eyeliner, once you go MAC, you never go back. try it.

    use the pencil first if you're tentative, but i would recommend the kohl. and then move to the pots if you're confident enough already.

    the kohl is a dream, i've used graphite and the super black one (the name escapes me) and i loved both. they smudge only when you want them too (for that smokey look) and stay put until you're done for the day (or night).

    try it! super worth it promise. i'll even buy it from you if di mo nagustuhan. lol.

  2. i have a MAC technakohl and it smudges x.x
    my lids get super super oily kasi.
    i wanted to get the fluidline nga, pero ang layo ng MAC eh hehehhehe.
    i think i'll get the penultimate liner na lang pag magaling na ako mag-liquid liner :p