Congratulations, said the PCOS machine

Sometimes it pays to be lazy.
Today my parents woke up early to vote. Me, I slept till noon, had breakfast, and watched Glee. They lined up for more than two hours. I did not have to line up at all.

I just looked for my precinct number, went in, signed my name beside my fugly photo (I lined up an entire day to get registered hence the haggard face), got my very long ballot which took my less than two minutes to fill out (would have finished it in 30 seconds had I not been extremely OC about not shading outside the circle with the very fat marker), inserted the ballot into the PCOS machine, and as I waited for the PCOS machine to congratulate me for the choices I've made for my country, the kuya proceeded to douse my finger with indelible ink. From the looks of it I would have to skip a couple of elections because I am pretty sure my finger is going to stay inked for decades.

For something government-related, it was surprisingly efficient.
My points for improvement:
1. Fine-tipped markers that do not bleed into the paper
2. Longer folders, or shorter ballots. While this may not be a board exam, I don't like the idea of people peering at my votes. And I know people do it because my aunt knew who everyone sitting in the same row as her voted for president.
3. Less indelible ink. But that's just for the overzealous kuya.
4. Make it open source, so we can check. Even the best codes have bugs, you know.
5. Modify the PCOS machine such that when you vote for a showbiz personality, it would display "Seriously?" instead of "Congratulations".

Now all that's left to do is sit back and wait for the results. To the next leaders of the country, you have the daunting task of lifting this country up from shambles, so I believe congratulations are not in order.

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