De-grubbing your NARS packaging

I present to you my greatest discovery after online shopping: how to restore NARS packaging to its original glory.

If you own at least one NARS product you should know what I'm talking about. Upon purchase it looks pretty and clean and wonderful; after a couple of uses it has managed to unearth and attract all the invisible dirt inside your make-up drawer. It doesn't matter how careful you are, or how furiously you rub - I've even tried using wet wipes but stopped short of acetone because that would destroy the finish - it always ends up looking disgusting.

At first it's disconcerting but it's something I gradually got used to, until I get a new NARS product - and then I'm reminded of how they once looked.

But now I've discovered how to go from this grubby disgusting mess:

To this (clean one on the right; the left one is for comparison):

It also works for the Sheer Glow Foundation:

My miracle worker?

Mandom Cleansing Express. It's a make-up remover that is neither alcohol nor oil-based, so I guess it's water-based? I have no idea what's in it; everything's in Japanese. Anyway, a couple of squirts onto a cotton pad and your NARS product will look spankin' new. Now I never ever ever have to worry about my NARS stuff looking filthy.

It's not locally available, though, but I guess other water-based make-up removers will work just as well (and some people say lotion works too, but, um, ick).

Oh, and the culprit behind my sudden NARS package cleanup attack:

I finally got my hands on the NARS Loose Powder in Bitch (I kid, I kid, it's Beach). I've been lemming for this for the longest time and I finally nabbed the last one in the NARS counter in Rustan's Glorietta (which is a sucky sucky mall can I just say). It's messy as hell but supposedly wonderful and you do get a shitload of product.

Yay, NARS porn:


  1. thanks for sharing your discovery sis:) i better buy mandom for my nars blushes too. too bad pre-orders take forever to arrive :)

  2. i dont have nars prods but they say the blushes are realy good..i want the exhibit A it looks really nice when i saw it on the mall

  3. mommy iisa lng nars ko. linisin mo pag nagkita tayo ha? ;P

  4. @maymay, sige at lilinisin ko din yung kay chelo daw hahahahahaha

  5. i was googling this and thank you so much! now i have to find this cleanser.

  6. omg i just adore you! I read this blog post after buying the NARS botan brush and worrying over how I'd ever keep that rubberized handle clean. I tried the lotion trick and it worked like a charm- even on some of my MAC items like the foundation lid. Thanks so much- your posts are a pleasure to read :)

  7. Hi does it have to be the agecare one? Cause im planning on buying but i dont really see the agecare one!

  8. I'm pretty sure any variant would work just as well ;)