Late Night Ramble

I missed Edsa Shang's Fire Sale, so now I will rant.

First let me tell you about yesterday. I wanted to get something from MAC, and another thing from NARS, so I went to Edsa Shang after work. It completely slipped my mind that there was a fire a couple of days ago, and when I got there, the department store is closed. So I decided to go to Gateway instead, where there is NARS. I thought I'd be a cheapskate and take the train. Now I've never really been inside an MRT station since I got back, let alone the Shaw MRT station, so I kinda did something stupid and took the stairs. Which was like, a billion steps. And then when I got to the very top, I found that on the other side, there was an escalator. Whopee. And I also found out this morning that you can get to the station from Edsa Shang directly.

Now when I got to Gateway they didn't have the NARS product I was looking for, but the salesperson informed me that Edsa Shang will reopen the next day. Just great.

And then this afternoon my officemate informed me that Edsa Shang is having a fire sale, and it's supposedly huge, so I was kinda excited. Unfortunately I was forced to stay in the office an hour longer than I have to (OT is prohibited today because it's Wednesday) so I got there around 8:15, and they were no longer letting people in. And then on the way home I dropped by our friendly neighborhood sari-sari store to buy coke, and they don't have coke. It's just wonderful, isn't it?

So now I'm just trying to focus on things that made me smile this week, such as my new Stila palette.

I've been meaning to get an empty palette for the refill shadows I got from this kit.

Now everything is neat and pretty and organized.
(Clockwise from top: Kitten, Mystic, Wheat, Golightly)

I was also finally able to decant my perfume du jour (Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege, which has been my perfume for a while now - I've gone through four bottles including the tiny one on the right) after I accidentally totaled the bottle - I dropped it, and the atomizer thing got detached, so I had to decant it to a functional spritzer bottle.

And I finally got my loot from Japan. The Shiseido Perfect Whip (I super love this - it lathers to a million bubbles) and the MUFE HD Foundation were stuff I left there because I could no longer get them to fit inside my bag, and a business tripper finally had enough space in her luggage to bring them home to me (hi Donna :p). And I also got two backups of my beloved mascara because I am already down to my last tube.

And that's that. I hope things start looking up tomorrow.


  1. ok lang na hindi ka umabot sa shang. hindi naman on sale ang cosmetics. mostly yung clothes na amoy usok ang nakasale hehe

  2. oo nga! sana nabasa ko yung comment mo agad para di na ko nagpunta tsk