RIP Schlepping Bag

You will be missed. Sniff sniff.
She's been with me everywhere - my Tokyo marathon, the great Hokkaido adventure, and I even took her to the beach and she managed just fine. And then I decided to give her a bath, after which the letters which used to be brown turned the exact same color as the bag, i.e. invisible.

On the one hand, I want to hang myself. But I choose the less stressful path and just think about the next one. ^^

Je te presente my new (future) schlepping bag:

A large, black, long-handled Longchamp Planetes tote with schlep written all over it - it's durable and lightweight, but still roomy enough to contain my entire life.
I initially thought it's just a black-on-black Le Pliage (off-topic: did you know you can design your own Le Pliage?), but as it turns out it's a new and improved version. For me, at least - I love that it's one color, and it's supposedly sturdier and it can hold its shape, and the size is perfect (the large Le Pliage is a bit overwhelming, even for a schlepping bag).

It also comes in pink, but the black one is more practical. I still likey though.

I hope I get my hands on it sooooooooon. It's supposedly cheaper in Singapore, so big hug to Anj. ^^


  1. tote nmn d b so washable? ung pink n lng! :)

  2. leather yung handles eh. :p
    and mahirap pa i-terno, kaya dun muna ako sa black. iniisip ko, when i start crapping money, bilin ko na lang din yung pink na ibang size na short handles. hehe