Youtube-ing, wildlife edition

Just a couple of amusing videos I stumbled upon while YouTube-ing.

1. Polar Bear mauls Tourist

A visitor to a zoo in Alaska climbs over the security fences to get a closer look at the polar bear Binky (seriously, name a polar bear Binky and it would have to overcompensate somehow), who then grabs her leg and digs in. Th staff rush to her aid and attempt to dislodge Binky's death grip by hitting her on the head with flimsy branches (complete with leaves, natch). It's hilarious. I know I'm supposed to feel bad for the girl, but she kinda got what she deserved. Besides, the bear looked kinda cute grabbing her with its big furry white paw. (For the record the girl survived and admitted it was her mistake - duh). If ever I have the misfortune of taking the monster piglets my brothers to the zoo I'd let them watch this first and hopefully they'd be on their best behavior.

2. Diver kisses shark on the mouth

This is even more stupid than the bear girl. Of all the idiotic things you can ever do in your entire life. He kissed. The shark. With razor sharp teeth. On the mouth. Guess what happens next.

3. Orcas Launch Coordinated Attack

This is why dolphins will forever be lame in my book. :p

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