All Things Nice and Superficial

1. Eyeliner
So recently I've been having this thing with liners.

By thing I mean a compulsive need to try everything in a span of like, two weeks. Thankfully it's now over (because I have every kind of black liner there is). Currently I am loving the L'oreal super liner and the MAC blacktrack fluidline applied with a 266 brush. And I'm getting pretty good at it too, if I may say so myself. ^^

2. Neutral shadows
Because I will never be the funky eyeshadow girl. I have MAC shadows because they're the only ones I can find that are not so shimmery and non-chalky.

(L-R: Ricepaper, Soba, Cork, Carbon)

Ricepaper and Cork I got from the CCO in Japan; I just recently bought Soba because it seems like a good everyday color (and it is!), and I got Carbon to use as an, ermm, eyeliner.

3. Nude Lipstick
I got Revlon in Soft Nude. Big mistake - it makes me look dead.
Thankfully I was able to get my hands on NARS Honolulu Honey after, like, a thousand years. The make-up artist told me that they just restocked on it a day before and there were only three and I got one! Hah! I was tempted to get two, but this isn't a limited edition thing. It is, however, everything it's hyped up to be - a nude that does not make you look like you've just risen from the grave.

Pretty packaging, as always, but I am willing to bet all my blushes that this will be grimy in a week.

So here it is with Revlon Soft Nude. The NARS one is a lot less pink, which is why I think it's more wearable for me.

An attempted swatch, just for the heck of it. L-R: MAC Viva Glam V, MAC Creme Cup, MAC High Tea, Revlon Soft Nude, NARS Honolulu Honey.

4. Carmex!!!
Thank heavens for PCX. Nothing beats Carmex. Nothing.

5. MAC Blot Powder
I told the MA I wanted one in Medium Dark, but the one I brought home is in Medium. So now I have to go back and exchange it. And I have to take the train on a working day. The horror.

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